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Webpack for Beginners

Become an expert in Webpack with this project-focused tutorial with no prior experience!
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Webpack is a highly famed module bundler for JavaScript applications. Since Webpack is an open source, this makes it free of cost. Although a bundler suited for JavaScript, but it can transform front-end assets such as CSS, HTML, and images if the needed plugins are available.

With Webpack, you can create your code in modules and it compiles all packages into one or multiple bundle or module. Webpack allows you to use the modules without thinking too much about support. It is an extremely powerful piece of technology that can do impressive things with the loaders and plugins.

It uses the dependency graph to analyze which modules to bundle. It essentially means that Webpack begins from a single module and processes all its dependencies, be it direct or indirect, to give shape to the dependency graph on which it will bundle all the needed modules.

Why you should learn Webpack?

  • Elimination of dead assets
  • Splitting code made easier
  • Controlling how assets are processed
  • Stable production deploys
  • Excellent speeds when used accurately

Why you should pre-order this course?

If you have no prior experience in Webpack, this course is perfect for you. Through this course, you’ll be able to master the basics of Webpack. It has already gained momentum in terms of popularity and it’s evident from the list of companies that are ardent users of it. Names such as Pinterest, Airbnb, Instagram, 9GAG, Pandora and many others. Also, the course is taught by well-versed experts who are already proficient in the subject. So, this will ensure that you learn the subject thoroughly.

Join this campaign to become proficient in all the essential concepts Webpack for beginners. With the help of this online course, you will master all the essential skills thoroughly and in no time. This course gives you in-depth insights into the introduction, setting up applications, Webpack loader, handling images with Webpack and so much more!

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