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Generative AI enables creative automation, boosts productivity, and sparks instant ideas. Master it in this bootcamp for enhanced skills and career growth.

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Key Highlights

  • Weekend live sessions, self-paced weekday modules - your schedule, your pace.
  • Master GPT-3, GPT-4, DALL-E 2, Claude, and more for text, image, video, and audio creation.
  • Ethical, practical, and guided by experts who have helped raise $8M in client revenue.
  • No coding experience needed; beginner-friendly, online, and ready to begin.

What You Will Learn

Next GEN Training

In this bootcamp, you'll conquer cutting-edge Generative AI models like GPT-3, GPT-4, DALL-E 2, and Claude V1. Learn to create lifelike text, stunning images, and even audio/video content with ElevenLabs. We prioritize ethical use, ensuring you avoid biases, misinformation, and follow responsible AI practices.


Master AI models like GPT-3, GPT-4, Claude for generating written content.

Create original images and art with DALL-E 2 and other visual models.

Use tools like RunwayML and Anthropic to generate custom video content.

Generate natural voiceovers, music and more with models like ElevenLabs..

Learn to generate interactive text, images, data with Claude.

Become an expert in crafting effective prompts to improve AI outputs.

Learn ethical practices to avoid biases and misuse of Generative models.

Identify and implement high-impact AI use cases.

Why People Choose Generative AI

Skills You Will Gain

  • AI Tools Proficiency
  • Prompt Mastery
  • Effective Iteration
  • Ethical Awareness
  • Real-World Application
  • Content Creation
  • Productivity Boost
  • Career Enhancement



Unlock creative potential with Generative AI. This bootcamp elevates skills, automates tasks, and fuels innovative thinking for career advancement.

Compare the difference.

Eduonix vs Traditional Universities
Tution Structure

Flat rate


Attend doubt clearing sessions on weekends with our industry expert.


Whenever you feel ready


Courses available anytime, from anywhere

Time to Finish

As quickly as you can master the material, typically 3-4 months

Traditional Universities
Tution Structure

Per credit hour


Schedule and wait days or even weeks to meet with one of many counselors


Scheduled time


Professor led lectures at a certain time and place

Time to Finish

Approximately 4 years, minimal acceleration options

Why Eduonix?

Career Impact :

Level up your career & boost earnings with industry-focused programs, join 3M+ global learners.

Flexible Learning :

Learn at your pace with our online courses. Your schedule, your terms.

Anywhere Education :

Access world-class training anytime, anywhere. Fit learning into your life, earn industry certifications.


Many companies use Eduonix for hiring every year. So a certificate from Eduonix is recognized in the industry.

Learn From

Vlad Mukhachev

Tech Entrepreneur | AI Enthusiast

Visionary tech entrepreneur leading Kreoverse, a top AI chatbot & avatar agency in London, and Pangea, an innovative ID verification startup, with a rich background in AI and tech innovation.

  • - $1M VC Funding (Stadio Labs)
  • - Partnerships with UN, Cathay Pacific
  • - $8M+ Revenue Generated for Clients
Key Skills :

Tech Entrepreneurship, AI Expertise , Venture Capital Success, Strategic Partnerships, Revenue Growth, Global Collaborations



3-4 Months

Limited Period Offer!

Start your AI journey today with our self-paced Generative AI bootcamp!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The bootcamp is designed for anyone looking to gain hands-on skills in Generative AI, including business professionals, creators, developers, students, and AI enthusiasts. No prior AI experience is required.

There are no educational or technical prerequisites. Beginner-friendly introductions will provide all the fundamentals needed. You just need a computer and internet access.

You will not need to install any software. However, it is recommended that you subscribe to (at least) a free plan for the apps that we will be using.

We estimate 3-5 hours per week for the self-paced modules and weekend live sessions. Mini-projects take 1-2 additional hours. Manageable with a full-time job!

No prior math or coding experience is required. The program focuses on practical application of pre-trained models through a hands-on approach.
Generative AI Bootcamp