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Idan Gabrieli

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About Instructor

Idan Gabrieli is an experience solution engineer manager (B.Sc. and MBA) with a comprehensive technical background in a variety of technologies. Idan is working with hundreds of business companies worldwide while helping to transform business challenges, requirements, and opportunities into practical use cases.

As part of his passion for sharing years of experience and knowledge, he created multiple online courses about a variety of topics while teaching thousands of students worldwide.


A Beginner\'s Guide to a Microservices Architecture
This source needs more industry examples, example of technology sets to create microservices (there is only one provide in the Message Broker paradigm). Also, you should references to other courses or sites that discuss specific implementations in platforms like Java, PHP, Python or C# (you appear to focus on JavaScript only, LinkedIn has many more relevant options.
A Beginner\'s Guide to a Microservices Architecture
It is giving just an overview. nothing deep
Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1
Getting Started with Cloud Computing
A Beginner\'s Guide to a Microservices Architecture
Good deck and presentation. Not boring att all, good information. It lacked deeper info

Skill Set

Artificial Intelligence
Data Analysis
Data Science
Data Visualization
Machine Learning
Cloud Computing

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