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Adama Robotics

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Adama Robotics is an EdTech company that produces educational robotics kits, online courses and applications which are equipped with a full range of unique and comprehensive concepts aimed at developing and nurturing an interest in the STEM fields especially in robotics and computer science, and academic excellence from an early age. 

The robotics kits provide the user with hands-on experience in robotics, engineering and computer science through its active involvement in learning approach by carefully building and programming them. 

Adama Robotics has more than 15000 students enrolled on their online courses from a total of 143 countries.


Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners
In the section "How Companies are using AI," there are highly inspiring videos of Telsa autopilot and several AI robots called Nao, Pepper, Asimo, and Atlas. Those videos have helped to motivate me to continue in the study of AI even when it gets complicated.
Introduction to Electronics Fundamentals
I actually have been in the electronics game for a long time and I can honestly say I learned a good from the young instructor. It was a good course I think and as I have other courses in Rasberry Pi and Arduino, I can now better conceive mentally, better, what I can get done with those courses. I thanks the young instructor for taking time to make the course.
Introduction to Electronics Fundamentals
The instructor is not a gifted teacher, AND apparently did not take the time to plan how he could effectively present the material. I got the impression that he assumed the words would come if he just started talking. The current divider lessons, in particular, were a disaster. Since this was an introductory course, I did not expect it to be comprehensive, yet the introductions to many of the concepts were so brief that students new to electronics would likely have great difficulty grasping the material.
Learn Android Development for Beginners
Content is less. One complete APP development could be better.
Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners
Introduction to Electronics Fundamentals
should have been better... there are free lectures which are far better than this
Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners
Helpfull for students to know about AI
Introduction to Electronics Fundamentals

Absolutely helpful!

Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners

Very crisp explanation.

Introduction to Electronics Fundamentals

good lecture class and in simple language

Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners


Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners
Exelent course
Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners
good for beginners

Skill Set

Android Development
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

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