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Digital Marketing with Google Ads (AdWords) Taught by a Former Googler

Google Ads 90 Min Course, Taught by a Former Google Employee
  •   Lectures: 8
  • |
  •   Videos: 1.5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 02/2019
Includes: 30 day money back guarantee! Lifetime Access. No Limits! Certificate of Completion
Instructors : Ben
Original Price:
You Save:
$189.00 (94%)
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What it includes?
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
  • Certificate of Completion
Last Updated: 02/2019
Languages: English
Level: All level
Video: 1.5 hours
Lectures: 8
4.1 (48 reviews)
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This Google ads Course is going to cover a variety of topics to help you drive business growth. Iam specifically going to break down the following for you. 

1) Setting up your Google Ads account 

Setting up your Google AdWords account might seem like a large undertaking. No doubt AdWords is a very complex and powerful tool, however setting up your advertising campaigns does not have to be so. Within this tutorial I will share my screen on how to setup your Google AdWords account. Within this I will share a key pitfall to avoid, which many advertisers fall into this trap. It is a quick setting when creating the account that you need to be aware of, called AdWords express. Sometimes AdWords will default to setting you up with an AdWords Express account. Under no circumstances should you opt into AdWords express. It is a less superior system and takes away so much control on where your advertising investment is going.

2) Setting up your first Google Ads Search campaign

Google search works, simple as that. The reason it works so well is you can reach users based on advertising intent. You can customize your ads to only show to people searching for the products and services you sell. There is no other platform, outside of search, where you can advertise to new customers who are searching for the products you offer.

In this tutorial I will share how to setup your first Google Search campaign and best practices I learned from over 4 years working at Google (2014-2018).

Additionally, I will share what to avoid. Quick example, do not opt into your search campaigns into the Google Display Network. This is an option which Google may suggest you opt into, but I highly suggest you do not. Reason is when you opt into the Google Display Network for your search campaigns, you will advertise outside of search - thus you lose the intent based targeting that search offers.

Now there is a place for display campaigns (see below), but search is not the spot for this.

3) Setup Google Ads Display campaigns

Within this section Iam going to share how to setup display banner advertising on the Google Display network and break down the targeting Google offers for the Display Network through AdWords. Within this, I will also share the top performing display advertising strategies. Google offers a ton of different advertising strategies for display banner ads and it can get very tricky to understand which campaigns will have the highest chance of driving revenue for your business. 

I will also share how you can setup your Google remarketing campaign. Remarketing is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising, as you reach users who have already visited your site. These are the hand raisers and are likely to buy the products and services you offer. Within this course, I will share how you can set this up.

The benefit of setting a remarketing campaign on the Google display network is you only pay per click. For remarketing campaigns I really like using the Google Display Network, through AdWords as you only pay if someone clicks. If they do not click, you do not pay a dime, simple as that. However, you will get the free branding associated with your advertising if they do not click.

4) Setup Google Ads YouTube video campaigns

I love YouTube advertising through AdWords. If you have YouTube videos uploaded, you can easily create YouTube ads targeted to your audiences. YouTube ads are a highly effective way to tell your brands story with sight, sound and motion. While I love search ads, display ads (particularly remarketing), YouTube is awesome because you can share what you are about with a YouTube video. Additionally, I will share how you can advertise and only pay if someone views your ad (at least 30 seconds of the ad), or clicks on your ad.

5) How you should prioritize the mentioned platforms. 

Now, Iam mentioning all of these advertising techniques, Iam going to break down how you should prioritize each of these marketing platforms (i.e. Google search, display ads, video). Each technique is highly effective, but you need to understand what to prioritize and how you should think of this.

Within this course, I will also share my e-book, based on my 13+ year experience, including the last 4 at Google, which breaks down top strategies to drive revenue for your business, free with the course.

6) Establishing measurement within Google Ads from Google Analytics

Measurement is critical, absolutely critical. I highly recommend that every site setup Google Analytics, then sync AdWords to Google Analytics. By doing so, I will share how to track the performance of your advertising by connecting Google Analytics to AdWords.

Lastly, I want to share a few key differentiators I offer if you sign up for my AdWords course:

Ongoing support

As you are launching your campaigns, ping me with questions, I can help out. I want all of my students successful and that will only happen if they watch courses, such as this, and we have a dialog so I can help you achieve business success.

I typically respond to my students within 12 hours, often much sooner than that.


My experience comes from 13 years, including four years at Google (2014-2018), two and a half years at RKG ad agency, three and a half years at Yahoo! and several years at Monster. I know what works, and just as importantly what does not work.

Even more support

If you take my course and you want me to manage your campaigns, I can help out. I have an ad agency and am happy to offer management for my students - only if you need it.

Student Satisfaction

My goal is to have successful students. If you have any feedback, positive or constructive - I want to hear it! I want to provide the most value for my students and really value feedback.

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