The Devops Engineer E-Degree

A Specialized Degree to Learn Devops from scratch & become a Master in Just 3 months. 6+ courses, Webinars, Mentors, support & Lot more

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The Devops E-Degree

The Devops E-Degree (Regular Price $199), You can save over 65% with this Offer.

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Devops E-Degree + Projects in Devops

The Devops E-Degree (Regular Price $199) and Projects in Devops Course(Regular Price $99), You can save over 70% with this Offer.

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Devops E-Degree + 3 Course Bundle

The Devops E-Degree (Regular Price $199) and following 3 courses.

  1. Projects in Devops Course (Regular Price $99).
  2. Projects in Docker Course (Regular Price $99).
  3. Projects in Linux Course (Regular Price $99).

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Devops E-Degree + Devops Master Bundle

The Devops E-Degree (Regular Price $199) and following 5 courses.

  1. Projects in Devops Course (Regular Price $99).
  2. Projects in Docker Course (Regular Price $99).
  3. Projects in Linux Course (Regular Price $99).
  4. Projects in Jenkins Course (Regular Price $99).
  5. Projects in Ansible Course (Regular Price $99).

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The Devops Engineer E-Degree

Eduonix is once again revolutionising the way we learn! Forget everything you knew about traditional learning and get ready to experience a training program that is so immersive and cutting edge that it will ensure that you master everything required to take on any DevOps task imaginable.

We are very excited to start working on our next project – DevOps E-Learning Degree. This isn’t just a simple course, but rather it is a complete degree that compiles 6 different courses to bring you everything you would ever need to know about DevOps under one roof.

No more confusion about where to start, how to get started, what comes next or what can you do with what you’ve learned. This isn’t just a degree, it’s a guide. Starting at the very beginning with the essentials and fundamentals, you will go through step-by-step to actually understand and learn DevOps.

This isn’t just a simple course, it’s a complete degree experience that has a curriculum built with industry leaders and taught by expert instructors. This unique degree will ensure that you are completely prepared for a career in DevOps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that aim to automate the process by combining practices and tools between software development and the testing teams release applications and services at a faster rate. It breaks the traditional form of development set ups that result in ‘siloing’ development and operations teams and instead creates a new method where there is a continuous conversation.

Under this method, engineers work across the entire application lifestyle from the start including development, deployment, testing and are not limited to only a single task, instead develop a range of skills. This ensures that quality assurance and security teams also become more integrated with the development and operations teams to ensure a top-notch product!

DevOps comes with a number of different benefits that can be across the entire organization:

Speed: A major chunk of the time when it comes to app development and deployment is wasted in waiting. The periods of waiting where the app is shipped from one department to another add a considerable amount of time in the app development process. With DevOps, the process is streamlined which means less time is wasted and things move much faster and more efficiently.

Faster Delivery: A more streamlined and automated process ensures that your app is delivered faster. Each release can be worked on and deployed more rapidly.

Quality: Since continuous integration and continuous deployment are primary processes in DevOps, it ensures a complete transparent working environment. This creates a better management system between the teams which results in more quality work across all streams.

Improved Collaboration: The DevOps model results in more team activities, which means that you require building strong teams that work exceptionally well along with one other. This strategy requires a ‘systems thinking’ approach that results in employees becoming aware of how your actions not only affect the individual person but also the entire team and the product.

Increased Security: While you sacrifice some security benefits when automating, but a more hands-off approach and collaborative environment ensures that your apps are built to offer the best security you can offer.

This 3-month dedicated program will include numerous labs, quizzes, projects and exams at the end of each course. Once completed, you will be awarded an e-degree which will reflect your performance and your score from each course.

That’s not all, there will also be webinars, moderated forums, reviews and instructor support that enhance your learning experience!

DevOps as a Career

DevOps is growing today at a fast pace as more companies are turning towards this method to streamline their development and deployment process. The collaboration between the teams not only results in apps being built faster, but also ensures apps are bigger and better.

DevOps has shown great promise in 2017, and is expected to grow even more in this year. According to Research Company, Forester, DevOps is expected to reach $7.72 billion by 2021, a growth of 33% annually.

Their research also revealed the number of companies that have already implemented DevOps in 2018 and also the ones that are interested in implementing and expanding this process. This shows that 50% of the business reviewed were actually interested using DevOps within their organisation.

This makes right now the best time to become a master DevOps and its technologies to get an edge in the market!

What This Degree Offers

This Degree will offer you a complete immersive experience with cutting edge learning techniques taught to you by industry experts. This training program will ensure that you master everything required to take on any DevOps task imaginable.

This Degree will be for a duration of 3-6 months and will be divided into 6 Different courses to help you break down and systematically understand DevOps Technologies:

Course 1 – DevOps Essentials

This course will start at the very beginning with the fundamentals and basics. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the essential concepts of DevOps, along with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development. This course will have a special focus on build automation.

Course 2 – Scripting Essentials

This course will focus on the most important part of DevOps – the programming language. You’ll learn how to write basic and more advanced scripts that will help you master DevOps Tools such as Bash, Python, and Ruby. Bash is the native programming language for Linux, Python is a very popular scripting language and Ruby is an important programming language that is used in popular DevOps tools such as Vagrant, Chef, and Puppet. This course will prepare you everything you need to know to work on DevOps and Linux

Course 3 – DevOps Tools

This course will cover the important DevOps tools in detail. These tools you’ll come across very commonly when working with DevOps and will help orchestrate your DevOps projects. These include tools such as Git, Github, Vagrant, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes and others.

Course 4 – Cloud Essentials

Since Cloud plays an important role in DevOps, these are a must for any DevOps engineer. This course will cover the major Cloud essentials that DevOps developers are expected to know. Here you’ll dive into the world of cloud provisioning and how the giant cloud providers offer their services. You’ll also go in detail to understand the concept of microservices. This course will cover important and popular Cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Google Containers, and Microsoft Azure.

Course 5 – Jenkins – The Complete Course

Automation is an important aspect of DevOps, we will definitely cover one of the most crucial CI/CD tools that are used in major DevOps projects – Jenkins. This course will focus solely on helping you master Jenkins and its major tools.

Course 6 – Scaling and Monitoring Techniques

This final course will focus on helping you learn exactly how to scale and monitor your project. Now that your DevOps Projects are live and running, you will need to monitor them and learn how to amplify it’s reach. This is where you’ll learn about monitoring tools such as Nagios, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation and OpsWatch.

Why This Course?

Do not mistake this for any ordinary course, but rather this degree will compete with university degrees. Discarding the outdated methods that universities sometimes focus on, we’ve designed a comprehensive hands-on syllabus that will start at the very beginning and help you reach the finish line.

Covering theory, practical, and other aids such as labs, exams and even complete projects that you’ll be able to add to your own portfolio, you’ll learn exactly how you can integrate DevOps technologies into your working environment. At the end of this degree, you will have the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to actually start your career in the world of DevOps.

This Degree will ensure that you don’t have to scramble around to figure out what you have to learn next or what comes after one course is finished. We’ve done the hard work for you, all you have to do is simply start learning.

Risks and challenges

This is first time we will be undertaking a project this big. However, we are very confident that we will successfully complete this project within the stipulated time. With 9 other successfully funded projects already under our belt, we look forward to taking on this challenge. We can’t wait to get this awesome project up and ready for you guys!

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