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Bootstrap 5 and JavaScript Master Bundle

Beat world class website by taking the complete Bootstrap 5 and JavaScript Master Bundle

English (US)

Instructors: Yossef Ayman Zedan

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Why This Deal

Taking a look at the themes built on bootstrap 5 website. These websites are not just built with bootstrap, javascript is used to add

beautiful effects. That is why we added Bootstrap 5 and JavaScript master bundle. That is not all. You will also master Sass and API 

What you will learn in this course:

Build advanced Bootstrap 5 themes with the same level of bootstrap 5 themes without JavaScript (13 projects)
Learn how to build amazing JavaScript effects to be added to the themes (16 projects)
Practice on a Portfolio website (1 project)

To read the description of the three courses below, here is the table:

Bootstrap 5 course description
JavaScript course description
Portfolio website description

Bootstrap 5 description:

Projects built in this course: yossefzedan.github.io/bootstrap5/

Welcome to Bootstrap 5 from scratch with 13 projects. the only course you need to learn coding with Bootstrap 5.

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework used to build responsive web design and applications. In Bootstrap 5, there are more UI elements and more advanced features. There are a lot of popular websites built with Bootstrap such as Apple Maps Connect, Forbes, Fox News, etc.

In this course, you will learn how to use Bootstrap 5 from scratch to the professionalism with 13 real world project using Bootstrap 5 CSS framework and moving through the Bootstrap 5 documentation step by step and learn how to use the UI elements with powerpoint presentations and a complete Learning Kit.

EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PRIOR EXPERIENCE WITH BOOTSTRAP. This course will take you from zero to building websites mentioned in the link above

Before you get started with this Bootstrap 5 course, there are some prerequisites. Although this Bootstrap 5 course covers everything from scratch. You need some skills to get started.

You need to have a basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Actually, you do not have to be a professional with CSS, you just need its basics *adding classes and IDs*. You do not need any prior JavaScript knowledge

Even if you have onlthe y basics of HTML5, CSS3 and  Javascript , this course will take you from beginner to professional and build completely professional websites. Here is why:

The course is taught by Yossef Zedan who is certified by University of Michigan and the University of London

The course has been updated to be 2021 ready and you will be learning the latest bootstrap version used at large companies websites.

This course does not cut any corners, there are 13 of real world projects which you will get to build. e.g. Portfolio, bicycle, charts.

The curriculum was developed 4 times to meet your expectations over a period of 6 months, with comprehensive student testing and feedback.

You will save yourself over $4,000 by enrolling, and still get access to the same teaching materials and curriculum

The course is constantly updated with new content, with new projects and modules determined by students that is you!

We will take you step by step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a web designer.

The course includes over 30+ hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real world Bootstrap projects.

Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover every element in bootstrap. Here is how we will go throughout the course:

In the section 1, you will know what we will build by the end of this course using Bootstrap 5 and download Bootstrap 5 examples, the learning kit and the source code for the course

In the section 2, you will learn how to use colors and CSS variables of Bootstrap 5

In the section 3, you will learn how to use bootstrap to make any website in the world responsive using few lines of code without typing any CSS line with breakpoints, containers, grid system, columns and gutters of Bootstrap 5 Layout

In section 5, you will learn how to add content and make it responsive with Bootstrap 5 such as responsive images, tables and more

In section 5, you will learn how to the forms of Bootstrap 5 and how to use form control, select areas, checks, radios, ranges and more.

In section 6, you will learn about the components in Bootstrap 5. You will learn how to use Bootstrap 5s Dismissible alerts, Cards, Dropdowns, Modals, placeholders, offcanvas and more.

In section 7, you will learn how to use Bootstrap helpers to add colored links, positions and more.

In section 8, you will learn how to use shadows, backgrounds, borders, flexbox, vertical alignment, spacing and more

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming with Bootstrap and you will be so good at Bootstrap at that you can get a job or use the library professionally.

You will also build 13 projects with Bootstrap 5 that you can show off to any potential employer. Including:

Blog (Beginner level with Bootstrap 5)

Newspaper (Beginner level with Bootstrap 5)

Multipage (Beginner level with Bootstrap 5)

Book (Intermediate level with Bootstrap 5)

Dashboard (Intermediate level with Bootstrap 5)

Boosting business (Intermediate level with Bootstrap 5)

Portfolio (Professional level with Bootstrap 5)

Bicycle (Professional level with Bootstrap 5)

Selling online themes (Professional level with Bootstrap 5)

Fiction (Sass level with Bootstrap 5)

Cars (Sass level with Bootstrap 5)

E commerce (Sass level with Bootstrap 5)

Charts (Sass level with Bootstrap 5)

Bonus projects to practice with Bootstrap 5

Pricing template | Beginner level

Album template | Beginner level

Carousel | Beginner level

Checkout | Beginner level

Cover | Intermediate level

Dashboard | Intermediate level

Features | Intermediate level

Freelancer | Intermediate level

Private trainer | Intermediate level

Photography | Professional level

E commerce store | Professional level

Sign up today, and look forward to:

Video Lectures

Fully Fledged Projects

Bootstrap Resources and Cheatsheets

Downloadable lectures

$4,000+ Bootstrap Pro Bootcamp course materials and curriculum.

Do not just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:

"I have learned so much more about Bootstrap. I was familiar with it from the concepts, but I what I have so far through this course has been wonderful. I can not wait to learn more."

"Exceptional Way of study and explanation"

"An amazing course and instructor... The way of teaching makes me optimistic"

"This course is really effective, I learned a lot and improved a lot, thank you for offering such an amazing course"

"Very good course so far, insightful, a little pacy, clear explanations and also shows mistakes which helps new people. This course also is structured well."

"I love how thorough this course is!"

"I can not really describe how wonderful this course is. The instructor is very friendly and helpful. I can build completely responsive websites now in less than 1 hour. Thank you Mr Yossef Zedan"

JavaScript course:

JavaScript is the most important language you need to know as a developer or designer. Wanna learn pure JavaScript without using frameworks or libraries? Follow up with me...

This course was designed to explain to you every single code line typed in the projects with JavaScript from beginner and take you step by step to build any project you want to make the customers react like "Wooowww".

You will also get the full support to make sure you understand every single line clearly. Enroll now and look forward to:

Complete JavaScript Course.

Full support in Q and A.

Downloadable lectures to study anywhere.

Downloadable source code.

Save about $1740 by enrolling in this course and get the same content

This course contains 16 Projects (5 for beginners, 7 for intermediates, 2 for advanced and 2 for API).

The 5 beginner projects using JavaScript:


Alarm System

To Do list

Random Background color

How many numbers between these two numbers

The 7 intermediate projects using JavaScript:


JavaScript form validation

Drum Kit

Strong password checker

Parallax hover effect

Animation On Scroll

Dice Game

The 2 advanced projects using JavaScript:

JavaScript Calculator

JavaScript Quiz app

The 2 projects using JavaScript API:

Google maps using JavaScript API

Weather app using JavaScript API

By the end of this course, you will be having the ability to build any project you want whether with the API or the JavaScript code.

Code your Portfolio website

Website: yossefzedan.github.io/draftt/

Did you learn web designing but still struggling to build professional websites and do not know how to use CSS, Sass, Scss and Javascript to add features to the website?

In this class, we will build an amazing project from scratch, explaining to you why we used this code line instead of any other one.. We will teach you how to build amazing websites from scratch

The only class you need on Skillshare to build amazing websites.. Here is why:

This course is taught by Yossef Ayman Zedan, a web developer certified from University of Michigan and University of London which have two of the best programming program in the world

Every single code is well explained to reach the maximum creativity point

You will build a project that worth more than $700

You will know how to add effects to your own website and start your web design business

What we will do..

Creat a fancy navbar

Rotating card on hover

Animated buttons with infinite moves

Amazing Preloader

Contact form that indicates and changes the border whether the input is valid or invalid

Card background that changes with time

after and before psuedo elements

Checkbox hack

Adding video background video and the purpose of object fit

How to use Sass, Scss and add media query inside Scss

What is the adjacent and how Scss code is compiled in CSS


Course 1: Master JavaScript in 16 days and Build 16 Js Projects
Course 2: Bootstrap 5 From scratch with 13 Projects | 4 Sass Projects
Course 3: Code Your Portfolio Website: HTML5, SCSS, JS and Bootstrap 5


Yossef Ayman Zedan


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