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Lifetime Membership At Just $549
No limits. Get Everything For Life.
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Cloud Engineer

Hand-pick the courses you want to take in this Buy What You Want Bundle. Pick 10 courses of your choice for just 30!
With all the great number of benefits, the market of cloud computing is constantly growing over the last few years. Major players like Amazon, Google & Microsoft have become very competitive to dominate this domain. This has ultimately increased the demand for good cloud engineers making it one of the most desired fields for everyone.
Bundle Feature
  • Trending Techs Of 2024
  • World-Class Instructor
  • In-Depth Learning
  • Hands-On Training
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certification
Make Your Bundle - 10 courses for $30

Choose minimum 10 courses from following list to unlock the Bundle

1. AWS certified Cloud Practitioner $20 Add
2. Cloud Computing and AWS for Beginners - Guidebook $20 Add
3. Learn To Build DevOps Pipeline On Azure Cloud $20 Add
4. AWS Certified Developer Associate - Practical Guide $20 Add
5. Jenkins for Beginners $20 Add
6. AWS Fundamentals for Beginners $20 Add
7. Machine Learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning $20 Add
8. AWS MasterClass: Monitoring and DevOps with AWS CloudWatch $20 Add
9. AWS MasterClass: DevOps w/ AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) $20 Add
10. Learn Ansible From Ground Up: The Devops Guide $20 Add
11. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Guide $20 Add
12. Learn App Development with Docker From Scratch $20 Add
1. Projects in Docker $20 Add
2. Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide $20 Add
1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2020 (CLF C01) $20 Add
2. Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline $20 Add
3. DevOps Project 2022: Git Jenkins Ansible Docker Kubernetes $20 Add
4. AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass 2019 $20 Add
5. Amazon (AWS) QuickSight, Glue, Athena & S3 Fundamentals $20 Add
6. Docker for Dummies - The Complete Absolute Beginners Guide $20 Add
7. Azure MasterClass: Analyze Data With Azure Stream Analytics $20 Add
8. The Docker for DevOps : From development to production $20 Add
9. AWS Master Class: Databases In The Cloud With AWS RDS $20 Add
10. Docker Apache Mesos & DCOS Run and manage cloud datacenter $20 Add
11. DevOps on AWS : Learn to set up your infrastructure on cloud $20 Add
12. Scaling Docker on AWS $20 Add
13. Projects in Cloud Computing $20 Add
$60.00 $30.00
Course Details
Course Name: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2020 (CLF C01)
Course Description
Video 13.01 hours
Lectures 85
Skill Level: All
Languages: English
Get job-ready for any trending domain of 2024 with this exclusive bundle. It will help you to earn your career credentials that will showcase your skills to employers & industry leaders. All the certificates earned from this bundle will be a perfect pathway to your industry recognition in the respective domains.
Job Trends

30% of Growth Has Been Observed Since Last Few Years

Average Salaries: $100,000 Per Year

How Does It Work?
You can get this bundled deal by selecting a minimum of 10 products for just $30.
Yes, you can select more than 10 courses to your bundle. However, each course exceeding the limit of 10 will be charged as $3.

For instance, if you are buying 12 products, then it will cost you:
10 products= $30
2 products= $6($3 each)
Total: $36
Yes. You will get a refund for your complete bundle. The refund will be made as per our refund policies.

Note: Refund will be not applicable to any 1 or more products from a bundle. The refund will be applicable on the entire bundle.

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