Free Android Programming - Ebook

Android Programming Guide for Beginners

The Android programming ebook has been crafted by the Android experts at Eduonix to get people started on Android Programming. It covers major Android APIs and is updated to cover the latest specifications. It covers Jelly Bean and other Android Flavours before it. The book covers in detail the basic structure of Android programming, Lifecycle, Advance APIs, Graphics and Animation, Sensors and Multimedia. This 300+ page book will help you quickly get started on Android Programming.

We have kept beginner's psychology at heart while writing this book and have tried our best to explain the fundamentals using simple examples. It is not a reference book but more of an activity book where you create applications as you learn about new concepts.


Android Platform runs more than 70% of world Smart Phones. With wide acceptance across Consumers and Manufacturers it is showing strong growth across all economies. Our inhouse team brings together a comprehensive guide to Android Programming

The ebook covers all the important Android features and the reader will be able to create smart applications for Android phones and Tablets after the course.The text is taught using live examples and you can download the complete code for them which can be used as reference while learning. You will be building apps in each of the chapters and they have been planned to enable the conceptual learning. You will not only learn a concept but its use under different scenarios. We focussed primarily on the Android SDK using Java language so that anyone with basic knowledge of Java can quickly start making Android Apps.

Approximate Work Load 12 Hours per week 5 weeks long on average


The Course is divided into Ten major Chapters. The details are given below

Chapter 1 - Starting Android Development
- Android SDK Installation
- Setting of AVD for OS versions
- Writing and Executing First Android Program
- Lifecycle of an Android App

Chapter 2 - Activities and Intents
- Activity Lifecycle in Android
- Writing Apps
- Understanding Intents
- Writing an Intent Android Program

Chapter 3 - User Interface Layouts and Controls
- Basic Layout Structures
- Linear And Relative Layouts
- Views And Controls
- Active and Passive Controls

Chapter 4 - List Views and SQLlite
- Introduction to List Views
- Adapter Views
- Basic SQLite
- CRUD operations
- Writing an App using SQLite

Chapter 5 - Services in Android
- Service Types
- A Simple example using services
- Service Lifecycle
- Intent Services
- Bound Services
- System Services

Chapter 6 - Content Providers
- Accessing Content Providers
- Writing your own Content Provider
- Write an App using Content Providers

Chapter 7 - App Organization
- Use Cases
- Model View Controller
- Target Action
- Delegation

Chapter 8 - Advance UI Components
- Toggle Button Control
- Radio Buttons
- Fragments
- Writing an App with new Controls

Chapter 9 - Animation and Graphics
- View Based Animation
- Property based Animation
- 2D Graphics
- Implementing Touch Events
- OpenGL - ES

Chapter 10 - GPS and Sensors
- Finding Location
- Hardware Sensors
- Detecting Sensors and applications


By the end of the book you will be able

To create Android Applications for Smart Phones and Tablets
To understand the core concepts of Android Programming Paradigm
To use Location and Sensor APIs in your application
To work on Android Application development in an organization or as a Freelancer


You will get Download links for the ebook along with project files containing source code for each of the files. We have designed each chapter with examples which will allow proper assimilation of the concepts. Each of the Chapter contains sample exercises and you are highly encouraged to work on them to get a proper hang of the technology.

Recommended Background

This is a beginner's course and starts with very basics of Android. Anyone with basic knowledge of Java can get value from the book. You will need a PC or a Mac to install the SDK and practice the examples discussed in the lessons.

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