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Machine Learning

Upskill Yourself with Machine Learning Online Course Bundle

Instructors: Akshay Deep Lamba, Idan Gabrieli

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Why This Deal

Machine Learning algorithms will power the technology of the future. Equip yourself with the fundamentals of Machine Learning with our Machine learning skill bundle. This skill bundle contains courses distributed along 3 levels and a practical guide for deploying machine learning models.


Course 1: Deploying Machine Learning Models - A Complete Guide
Course 2: Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1
Course 3: Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 2
Course 4: Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 3


Akshay Deep Lamba


Hi, We are Cosmic .

Professionally, We are Entrepreneurs with over six years of experience in finance, Tech, Real Estate etc. We are trained at Mobile App Development, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Finance etc.

In my courses, you will very well understand how I combine theory and Real Life Case studies to give you the best in-Class Training in any topic I teach.

I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with you!

Looking forward to working together!

Idan Gabrieli


Idan Gabrieli is an experience solution engineer manager (B.Sc. and MBA) with a comprehensive technical background in a variety of technologies. Idan is working with hundreds of business companies worldwide while helping to transform business challenges, requirements, and opportunities into practical use cases.

As part of his passion for sharing years of experience and knowledge, he created multiple online courses about a variety of topics while teaching thousands of students worldwide.

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