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JamStack Developer E-degree

Learn the modern way to build better and scalable web apps quickly with Jamstack

Watch Intro Video
  • 6
  • 5
  • ~150
  • ~20 Hrs Video
  • Certificate

Key Highlights

  • Hands-on training with 5+ projects
  • 150+ video lectures from world-class instructors
  • 20+ hours of programming training
  • 10+ coding tools & technologies
  • 10+ trending & popular frameworks
  • Real-time web app development
  • Modern and latest curriculum
  • Quizzes to measure your progress
  • Certificate upon completion of the e-degree
  • Expert responses to your queries to ensure quality learning
  • Lifetime access & update with no limits
  • Cost-efficient, 100% online & self-paced curation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What You Will Learn

Learn to build websites and web apps using modern Javascript technologies and learn to scale to millions of users. You will also acquire in-depth knowledge on some of the trending JavaScript frameworks and hands-on experience on latest tools. With this e-degree, you will learn:

  • Advanced JavaScript
  • React, JSX,
  • Node JS, Express JS, Rest API & Microservices
  • Gatsby, GraphQL
  • Next JS, Server-Side Rendering
  • JAMStack, Static Site Generator, DOM, Client-Side Rendering API
  • Website Development
  • Software Engineering
Ready To Learn A Whole New Skill Set?

Curriculum Section


Topics Covered In JamStack Developer E-degree

Course Content Available

Live Learning Sessions

Industry projects

Experts Coaching sessions

Some Of The Projects You Will Work On

Technologies & Tools Covered

Major Tools & Techs That You Will Learn With This Program


Some of the top projects included in the program are:

Movie ticket booking system

Amazon clone

Make letters animate on mouse event using CSS and JavaScript

Create a random Star Wars character generator using an API request.

Create a single page application using React where we use an API to search for movie results.

Get Eduonix Certificate Upon Successful Completion Of This E-Degree

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Job Opportunities You Can Aim

Front end developer
Backend developer
Fullstack Developer
Software architect
System developer
Quality Assurance Specialist
React JS Developer
Front end developer
Backend developer
Fullstack Developer
Software architect
System developer
Quality Assurance Specialist
React JS Developer
Average Salary Hike
Highest Salary
Career Transitons
Hiring Partners

Why Should I Learn Data Science?

Why You Should Learn With Eduonix?

Eduonix is a pioneer in the technology-based knowledge industry delivering high-quality content across multiple areas of expertise. Our curriculum is prepared by a dedicated team of industry experts who bring in their years of experience for the professional training of learners. Moreover, we have

  • 3 million+ Learners
  • Global instructors
  • 30,000+ hours of high-quality content promising skill gain
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Job opportunities
  • Over a decade of experience in professional training
  • Up-to-date curriculum
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


Our Panel of Instructors

Kalob Taulien

Hi everybody! I'm Kalob. I am a self-taught web developer, serial entrepreneur, and teacher who has a passion for education and helping people learn to code. I started learning web development in 1999 as a child, and I've expanded my coding skills throughout my life. I've also had the pleasure of working in several countries across the world and working remotely. My mission is to inspire people to learn web development so they can live their best lives

Christian Rappa

Christian Rappa is a professional Software Engineer, who has mastered the art of software designing and creating attractive and user-friendly FullStack Apps. In his short but illustrious career, he achieved many milestones. After starting his career at Apple as Genius, he never looked back and continued to create FullStack apps that changed the dynamics of the market. He loves to face new challenges and likes to lead from the front.

Jorris Herman

Joris Hermans is a Senior Software Developer with more than 15 years' experience in programming for the web. He loves to teach and coach other people about all the great aspects of developing for the web. He has worked for an online directory company creating web applications with more than a million page views a week. You will also find him creating great projects on GitHub. He loves to participate in a lot of discussions regarding the evolution of the web. Following new technology trends is a kind of hobby for him.

Thomas Ghinder

Thomas Ghinder has over 15 years of web/software development experience under his belt, as well as 10+ years of private instruction experience. He is passionate about both teaching and learning, and loves to share his knowledge with others. He currently works freelance as a software engineer for startups or other small companies. For contact about consulting or dev work, you can reach out to him via LinkedIn

Kurt VanDusen

Kurt VanDusen (Node JS) is an independent freelance full-stack developer and founder of Equational Applications specializing in cross-platform web and mobile app development with React Native, JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Firebase, Redux, Angular, Drupal, and WordPress. His experience with VR/AR/XR augmented reality makes his career multi-dimensional. He has a history of entrepreneurship and small business management. Wide range of life experiences from playing in bands to owning a cafe, bead store, and a record label, Kurt has never backed down from any challenge.

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FAQ Section

To optimize your chances of success in this Executive Program, we recommend prior exposure to stastic and probability

An E-Degree is a collection of modules, projects and quizzes to make you proficient in the subject.
While an individual course contains only parts of a topic, an e-degree covers all important aspects of the topic covered. Similarly, a learning path will cover fewer topics than an e-degree.
  • A complete understanding of the concept
  • A certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to the e-degree
  • Job opportunities
At the end of each section, you can submit your project URL by using CodePen, Github, Google Drive, etc.

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