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DevOps E-degree

One curriculum which caters to all your DevOps career goals. This comprehensive E-degree program comprises of self-driven courses, exams, projects, and more! Step into the world of DevOps with us and land the best job in the market through this extensive learning experience.

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Why This E-Degree

This DevOps E-degree is no ordinary course, but a complete degree-based curriculum. If you ever wanted to attain a degree without the expensive costs attached to it, then this is exactly what you’ll get when you apply for this extensive curriculum! This E-Degree has been designed as a one-stop-shop resource for learning DevOps – requiring no other external resource.

This 3-month curriculum isn’t just limited to courses and resource materials, but it also comes with labs, quizzes, projects and exams – all of which will be used to guide you on this path to learning. Combining 6 individual courses, this program will help you master everything required to take on any DevOps task imaginable.


One curriculum which caters to all your DevOps career goals. This comprehensive E-degree program comprises of self-driven courses, exams, projects, and more! Step into the world of DevOps with us and land the best job in the market through this extensive learning experience.

DevOps Foundation

Some of the concepts may be repeated for emphasis.

  • Section 1: Linux for Beginners
  • Section 2: Linux shell basics
  • Section 3: Python 3 for Beginners

Scripting Basics

Master the scripting in Bash, Python and Ruby. Scripting is one of the most important skill

  • Section 1: Bash Scripting masterclass
  • Section 2: Python Scripting masterclass
  • Section 3: Ruby Scripting basics

Tools of the trade - Part 1

Tools of the trade - Part 1 These mini courses will test your skills learned in previous courses and once you master these tools you are on your war to become the DevOps engineer.

  • Section 1: Git and GitHub
  • Section 2: Vagrant
  • Section 3: Docker
  • Section 4: Ansible
  • Section 5: Chef

Tools of the trade - Part 2

These mini courses will complete the training on the tools that are required for creating automated development pipeline development.

  • Section 1: Setting up DevOps pipeline in Azure

DevOps Cloud Engineering

These mini courses will teach you modern DevOps practices for the cloud and will help you master them quickly.

  • Section 1: Setting up DevOps pipeline in Azure


This course will complete the DevOps Engineering E-Degree. The exam and project will be the final and its cumulative result will be added in your E-Degree.

  • Section 1: Nagios

Benefits of taking this program

We live in a fast-paced world, where the focus is no longer on just faster production, but also providing the best product in the least amount of time. The streamlining of Development & Operations into one ensures you have a better product with a faster delivery, and a focus on continuous efficiency. DevOps follows along the same principles, which is one of the reasons why companies are so keen on integrating DevOps into their production lines.

The popularity of DevOps is no longer undeniable with a 33% annual growth and an expected market reach of 7.72 billion by 2021 (Forrester). This has boosted the demand for DevOps Engineers by 60%! With an average salary of over $100,000 for a DevOps Engineer and over 150,000 jobs currently available, it is no wonder that people are jumping at the chance to add DevOps skills to their resumes.


Labs & Projects

No more boring theory, let's get our hands dirty!

Exam & Quizzes

Time to test and apply all the knowledge you grasped!

Interview Preparation

Just knowledge isn't enough. Time to groom you for your dream job interview!

Software Support

Unable to get through something? Our support team is on their toes!


An E-Degree is a collection of multiple courses all at one place teaching you all the essential concepts of any technology. They provide a complete understanding of the topic and usually involve quizzes and labs so that the student is able to be proficient in the subject.
Individual courses deal with parts of an entire topic, while an E-Degree has all the important aspects of the topic which can help a beginner master the topic with a single tutorial. For example, a course for Machine Learning suited for beginners will not be sufficient for an advanced learner. However, an E-Degree on Machine learning will be helpful for both a beginner and an advanced learner. A path will involve fewer courses compared to an E-Degree.
An E-Degree comes with many benefits such as
  • Getting certified without spending a single dime for college.
  • Developing a complete understanding of the concept you wish to learn about.
  • Getting a certificate of completion.
  • Access the course at any time and from whichever location you are from.
  • Developing fluency in the subject with the help of numerous projects, labs, and quizzes.
  • Being progressive, you will have to complete the first section to move to the next one.
  • Increasing your chances of being selected in an excellent firm by investing low costs.
  • Get Lifetime access to the E-Degree.
At the end of each section of any course, the user can submit their project URL by using CodePen, Github, Google Drive, etc.

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