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Home >> Upcoming >> Ultimate Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Tutorial for Beginners

Ultimate Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Tutorial for Beginners

A quick course on GCP for beginners!
Coming Soon


It won’t be wrong to say that if in the forthcoming time, you are looking to become a cloud architect, cloud engineer, or a cloud developer then you should wisely choose the right resources to invest your time and money.


When it comes to Google Cloud Platform, it is one of the best and top three cloud providers in the current world. GCP didn’t take long to prove as a worthy competition in the cloud industry. All thanks to its machine learning capabilities and robust analytics. Moreover, many cloud businesses are choosing GCP over AWS & Azure because of many reasons. So, if you are the one who wants to master GCP, then now is the perfect time to enter the lucrative world of the cloud industry with one of the best cloud providers.


But for many, understanding GCP isn’t that easy. To solve this major issue, we have curated this comprehensive course entirely dedicated to the Google Cloud Platform.


What You Will Learn?

This course unfolds with the basic introduction, after which; you will get an interactive tour of Google Cloud Platform that will give you insights into the console, projects, IAM, Library & other crucial aspects of the platform. Once the basics are covered, you will learn how to create virtual machines and then deploy a web server. Later on, you will also work on Cloud Shell, Kubernetes Engine, Stack Driver, Cloud Function & other important concepts. Once you will finish this course and feel confident about GCP, you can take quizzes to actually check your knowledge.


This Course Includes:

- Introduction

- GCP Tour: Accessing GCP Console, GCP Projects, Cloud IAM, Cloud Shell and Run Command, API Library

- Creating Virtual Machine: Using GCP Console, creating VM with G-Cloud Command Line, deploying a web server and connecting it to VM

- Getting started with Cloud Shell & G-Cloud

- Kubernetes Engine: Qwik start       

- Cloud Storage Console: Creating a bucket, uploading an object into the bucket, sharing an object publicly, creating and deleting the folder

- Cloud: IAM console and project levels roles, access testing, removing project access, adding storage permission and verify access

- Stack driver: Creating a compute engine instance and adding Apache 2 HTTP server to your instance, creating a cloud monitoring workspace, creating an uptime check and an alerting policy, creating a dashboard and charts and view your logs

- Cloud Functions - Console

- Google Cloud pub/sub - Console    

- Quizzes

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