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Projects in Data Science in R

Master one of the most in-demand fields i.e. Data Science by building projects with this one of a kind online tutorial.
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Data Science, a multi-disciplinary field which uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems for gaining insights by analyzing the structured or unstructured data. Basically, it helps in finding hidden patterns from the raw data by using technologies like R, Hadoop, Machine Learning and others.

With its use from healthcare industry to businesses, it has one of the greatest potentials to change numerous sectors to its entirety. Similar to the rise of data in recent years, the demands of data scientists have also exploded with average salaries being offered up to $110,000 depending upon the locality.

Why you should learn Data Science?

  • Desired in different fields like business, healthcare, finance and others.
  • In order to perform complicated data analysis.
  • To find the hidden patterns by data manipulation.
  • For making precise predictions.

Why you should pre-order this course?

The regular need for storing, modifying and analyzing data have made data science one of the most important field. From big to small companies, all are in a constant search for the data scientists or the individuals who understand and can work with a huge pool of data. Knowing all these facts, we have designed this comprehensive online tutorial which will help you in building different real-world projects. This tutorial with over 10 hours of videos will be sufficient enough to make you explain different aspects of data science in the most simplest, easiest and practical way.

Join this campaign & build different real-world projects in Data Science which has great potential in the world full of data. By taking this course, you will learn about:

  • Network Analysis- You will perform this concept on the pool of traffic data from a city
  • Data Wrangling- For wrangling and visualizing sports data in order to get better insights
  • Data Manipulation- To apply all the data science concepts on historical data for having better insights on a rise and fall of empires.
  • Forecasting- For analyzing the data to forecast commodities prices.
  • And so much more!

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