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Live Training on NLP in Machine Learning

It's the year 2020; machines are becoming smarter, devices can communicate, and billions of text data is being created every day. Thanks to our current love affair with technology, Google now processes over 40,000 searches every second, & voice searches have been increased by 35 times then what used to be in 2008. As the technologies are evolving beyond their artificial constraints, organizations and businesses have started searching for new ways to take advantage. This has led to the development of new & super-intelligent systems that can replace or augment human services. One such example is the rise of Natural Language Processing or NLP.

NLP is also referred to as computational linguistics by all the geeks & it literally allows computers to understand natural human language. Of course, machine learning has played an important role in the evolution of NLP that resulted in smart chatbots & other cool applications. But the concept of the chatbot has single-handedly transformed the world of customer service to its entirety. Take Apple Siri or Google Home- perfect examples of NLP wonders!

Not only chatbots but today, NLP is being heavily utilized for virtual assistants, speech recognition & sentiment analysis. To help you understand this revolutionary concept of machine learning, we have organized this live training session that will help you learn all the fundamentals of NLP - so, join this 3 hours training on 13th February to understand the science behind Natural Language Processing!


Undoubtedly, NLP is one of the most in-demand & trending concepts of machine learning that allows computers to understand, analyze, manipulate, and potentially generate human language. Though this technology first gained a foothold in modern homes with smart devices or voice assistants, but now more and more businesses are taking advantage of NLP technology.

During this live training, Dr. Darshan will help you understand what exactly is NLP, its roots, and the basic outline. He will give you an in-depth knowledge of why understanding natural language processing can be the game-changer for your career.

Today, there are myriad of ML applications that are powered by the concept of NLP. Among many, some popular ones are machine translation, speech recognition, sentiment analysis, chatbots, text classification, automatic summarization, spell checking, character recognition & others.

Once the basics are covered, the instructor will help you understand some of the most popular and widely used applications of NLP, how they work, all the complexities, & other key concepts revolving around NLP applications.

Just like every other coin, NLP has its downside as well. Some of the big issues that frequently experts face while working with NLP are the ambiguity, or synonymy, or setting up the context, or even the unstructured data. In this section of the live training, Dr. Darshan will give you insights into all the common challenges of NLP. Not only challenges, but he will also discuss the future prospects of NLP along with all its potentials.

Any machine learning pipeline includes all the steps required to train the machine learning model. However, the term “pipeline” itself is misleading since it denotes a one-way flow of data. Contrary to this, in machine learning pipelines, all the steps are cyclical and iterative as machine learning requires every step to be repeated in order to improve the model’s accuracy and to achieve a high success rate. The same is the case with NLP.

In this webinar, the pipeline for natural language processing is covered to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to break up your NLP problem into small pieces and then to solve each of them separately. He will cover all the essential points that are required to build better NLP-based models.

In the end, a project is covered, wherein you will learn about SMS Spam Classifier. During this project you will create a model that can classify SMS spam with high accuracy. Lastly, before concluding this live training, there will be a dedicated time for a Q/A session in which Dr. Darshan Ingle will answer all the queries from your curious minds.


  • FREE Live Training on Natural Language Processing in ML

    In-Depth Session on NLP

  • FREE Live Training on Natural Language Processing in ML

    Project and Lab

  • FREE Live Training on Natural Language Processing in ML

    Live Q&A

  • FREE Live Training on Natural Language Processing in ML

    Live Session Recording

  • FREE Live Training on Natural Language Processing in ML

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Q. How can I access the webinar?

Once you have reserved your slot, we will send you 3 emails. You will receive the 1st email 48 hours before the webinar starts; the 2nd email will be sent 24 hours; & the 3rd email will be sent 2 hours before the webinar starts. Each of these emails will include a link that you can use to access the webinar.

Q. How does Q&A will work?

Q&A session will begin at the end of the live training. During this session, all users are free to ask their questions, however, it is upon the instructor to reply to any of the given questions.

Q. Are there multiple slots for this webinar?

No. There will be just 1 slot available with limited seats for this webinar. Once you have reserved your slot, you won’t get any option to change it further.

Q. Will the webinar be available afterward?

Once the webinar is over, we will provide you the link that will help you to download all the resources and webinar recordings.

Q. Can I cancel my webinar after the registration?

It will be a Free webinar on NLP, so a cancellation will not work.

Q. I still have some queries, what should I do?

You can contact our support team at

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