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Live training on “How to Kickstart your career in digital marketing”

Want to become a Digital marketing expert? Do you want to earn extra by becoming a Digital marketing expert? or Do you want to start your own digital marketing firm? If yes! Then, we have a perfect workshop coming up for you on “How to kickstart your career in digital marketing” Don't get shocked, it's absolutely FREE!

Digital marketing is the new-age marketing technique that has made it easy to reach the target audience and convert them to customers. Digital marketing experts are the need of the hour for every business and company. Becoming a skilled digital marketing expert or making your company's online presence strong is not a cakewalk. This workshop will help you learn the major aspects of digital marketing and how to start a career in it and earn money.

This workshop covers:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • How to get started
  • Career opportunities
  • Innovative income ways
  • Q & A


  • Learn how to get started with digital marketing
  • Learn how to make a career out of digital marketing
  • Understanding the benefits of digital marketing
  • Learn to achieve your passive income dreams with a digital marketing
  • Learn about trending digital marketing techniques
  • Get knowledge on digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Get a chance to interact with the industry expert tutor


  • One on One Interaction with the Instructor
  • 1 hour of Immersive and interactive training
  • Enriching Live Session with Practical knowledge
  • Real Time Guidance & assistance from the instructor
  • On the spot solutions to all your queries & doubts
  • Learn with comfort at your home


  • Live Session Recording
  • Workshop PPT


  • None


Digital marketing is the segment of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies like desktop computers, smartphones, and other online media and platforms to market products and services. It helps businesses to reach the target audience 24x7 in a much convenient manner. An excellent digital marketing plan with creative ideas helps businesses to convert target audiences into customers.

While getting started as a digital marketer, there are aspects like social media marketing skills, SEO marketing techniques, Content marketing campaigns, and Data analysis reports play a major role. Understanding these digital marketing elements allows you to start a successful career in digital marketing.

Freelancing in digital marketing is a great career opportunity for a person who is interested in the industry of marketing and wants to make a career in advertising & marketing. Working as a freelance digital marketing expert helps you choose your clients and increase your ties with multiple digital marketing agencies. It will help you become an established freelance digital marketing expert and demand money according to your terms. The digital marketing includes departments like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Affiliate, Influencer marketing and more that allows you to choose your career path in digital marketing more conveniently.

Making passive income with your own website and a wide range of products using digital marketing techniques allows you to expand your business objectives. Digital marketing comes in handy while making cross-selling or upselling your own products and services. Digital marketing is an ideal marketing element to make passive income while accomplishing the primary marketing goals. There are multiple career opportunities in digital marketing like SEO Expert, SMM Manager, Affiliate Marketer, Influencer marketer, PPC Expert, and more, each department of the digital marketing has an excellent scope for earning successfully.

You can get all your queries resolved in real-time from the expert, thanks to the live one on one interaction. At the end of the live session, you can freely ask any questions you have, and the instructor will answer them in the best way they can. As you will have the live session recording, answers to all the questions asked by any attendees will be at your disposal should you have any doubts ahead of the workshop.


  • A Webinar on How to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

    In-Depth Session on How to Kickstart career in digital marketing

  • A Webinar on How to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

    Career Guidance

  • A Webinar on How to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

    Live Q&A

  • A Webinar on How to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

    Live Session Recording

  • A Webinar on How to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

    Workshop PPT


Q. How can I access the webinar?

Once you have reserved your seat, we will send you 3 emails. You will receive the 1st email 48 hours before the webinar starts; the 2nd email will be sent 24 hours; & the 3rd email will be sent 2 hours before the webinar starts. Each of these emails will include a link that you can use to access the webinar.

Q. How does Q&A work?

Q&A session will begin at the end of the live training. During this session, all users are free to ask their questions, however, it is upon the instructor to reply to any of the given questions.

Q. Are there multiple seats for this webinar?

No. There will be just 1 seat available with limited seats for this webinar. Once you have reserved your seat, you won’t get an option to change it further.

Q. Will the webinar be available afterward?

Once the webinar is over, we will provide you with the link that will help you to download all the resources and webinar recordings.

Q. Can I cancel my webinar after the registration?

It will be a Free webinar on Digital Marketing, so a cancellation will not work.

Q. I still have some queries, what should I do?

You can contact our support team at support@eduonix.com

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