HTML5 Programming Video Series

Complete HTML5 programming Tutorials

This Video series froms the backbone of our HTML5 online training program and has been used by more than thousand students across the world. We bring together this series as a consise and to the point curriculum for learning advance HTML5 from the very basics. It comes with sample code and reference presentations for quick reference and learning. This product comes as a one time download of the entire content. These high resolution videos can be used across platforms.The course does not assumes any prior programming knowledge and is best for beginners and intermediate web developers. Our course covers the latest standards and comes with 100% money back gurantee.


HTML5 is the future of the front end technologies. With wider acceptance by technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook html5 is poised to become a huge platform for developers

This series has been created by our inhouse experts and covers the latest specifications for HTML5 containing real world examples. This series is useful for anybody who wants to quickly learn this hot new technology. As this course gets fully downloaded you can do it as per your speed and urgency. The content has been designed in a way that provides a simple learning curve but will be useful to an expereinced programmer also. By the end of the series you will be able to use HTML5 features and CCS3 to create apps and sites for both mobile and Web.

Approximate Work Load 10 Hours per week 5 weeks long on average


The Course is divided into five major units. The details are given below

Unit 1 - Introduction to HTML
- HTML Basics
- Creating HTML Webpages
- HTML Tables and Lists
- HTML Forms and Inputs

Unit 2 - Working with CSS and CSS3
- Introduction to CSS
- CSS and HTML
- CSS to CSS3
- Creating a website

Unit 3 - Introduction to HTML5
- Basic HTML5
- HTML5 Tags and Elements
- HTML5 Forms

Unit 4 - HTML5 Features
- HTML5 Canvas Graphics
- HTML5 Drag and Drop
- HTML5 Feature Detection
- HTML5 Multimedia

Unit 5 - Advance HTML5 Features
- HTML5 Geolocation
- Webstorage in HTML5
- Using Application Cache in HTML5
- HTML5 for Mobile Phones


By the end of the series you will be able to

To create full fledged HTML5 websites
To understand the core concepts of HTML5 and CCS3
To create HTML5 APP and Front end for your websites and web products
To use features like Drag and Drop, Geo location and Web Storage to create immersible user experience


You will get Download links for the high qulaity video content along with project files and refernce presentation files. Once downloaded you can use them as per your time and schedule. On an average you can complete one unit in a week.

Each Unit consists of

Video Lectures discussing content and live examples
Source Code examples
Source Presentation files

Each unit is self contained and cover the topic from scratch. We use practical coding examples in all our content material. You are encouraged to study and modify the discussed examples.

Video Lectures - The prerecorded video lectures are covered in about 37 lectures with over 8.5 hours of material. The course is in English taught by a native english speaker.

Source Code Examples - The Source Code examples are resources for the students who can check their source files with the one created by the instructor.

Source Presentation Files - The Presentation files have been created by the instructor for the students which can be refernced if required by the student

Content Preview

The following are the two tutorials selected for free preview.


Global Certification

The students for this course are eligible for certification. The certification is a two step process which involves appearing for an online exam and completion of a project from a selected list of topics. You can appear for the qualifying exam for free and then submit your project for final certification. The final code will be archived by us for the community. The exam tests the working knowledge, technology features and conceptual understanding. The Project creation reinforces the learning into a working software and it is evaluated by our experts for Product Quality, Design Features, Innovation and Uniqueness.

Recommended Background

This is a beginner's course and starts with very basic programming. Anyone with acess to an HTML5 compliant browser like 'Chrome' and a standard text editor can take this course.


Time Well Spent - Experienced developer here looking to refresh and learn new tricks. Not yet complete with the tutorial but it keeps me coming back unlike so many other tutorials. Very well done and organized and not just your basic old "Hello World" app that gives no real direction on doing real work. Thanks for spending the time to put this together! - Toby Nunn

A Five Star Course - Sohaib

Got everything I wanted, the course is the only thing you will need to get you started in HTML5 - Donald Mendez

Well structured and great examples perfect for beginners - Julia

Excellent !!! Exceptional lectures. Exceptional demonstrations. I luv when things don't go teach us how to troubleshoot AND fix it. - Lon F Jarrell Jr

It's so amazing :) Thank you so much for those lessons :) It's was so clear to keep moving forward :) - Mindaugas

100% Money Back Guarantee

This course comes with 30 days 100% money back gurantee. If you don't like the course you can request a refund and you get 100% money back. No questions asked. You are free to test the course for one month and the course comes with lifetime access.


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