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Home >> Upcoming >> IoT E-degree - The Novice to Expert Program in IOT

IoT E-degree - The Novice to Expert Program in IOT

Master the concepts of IoT in this IoT - Novice to Expert E-degree with latest technologies and comprehensive modules. Enroll now and to become an expert in the latest IoT technologies.
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The Internet of Things has become one of the most disruptive technologies in the current world. It has lead to the connection of billions of devices and has increased productivity and performance by streamlining everyday tasks across multiple business verticals. IoT promises to provide a platform that promotes efficiency, economic benefits and minimizes the human needs for daily tasks.

We at Eduonix have always tried to bridge the gap between the demand and the right skills by providing world-class learning to everyone throughout the world. Considering this and the potential that IoT promises in all our lives, we have planned a one-stop learning guide on this exciting new technology. This program will include:

- Step-by-step learning from scratch

- Practical projects

- Hands-on training

- Solving real-world problems

- Exams & quizzes

The Internet of Things is no longer the technology on the horizon, it is now quickly becoming mainstream and is bringing a host of new challenges and opportunities. Industries are investing heavily in building IoT enabled platforms. The primary reasons for the adoption of IoT include some of the key challenges like Security, Productivity, Optimization, Tracking & so much more.

Whether you believe it or not, but IoT has become the biggest buzzword in the corporate sector all over the world. From smart products to appliances using energy only when it is essential, there is a huge untapped market for IoT-based devices.

If this doesn’t convince you, then have a look at the below graph showing all the investments made across various industries for IoT Solutions.

There are reasons why IoT is considered as the burning topic of the current age - it is heralded as the next industrial revolution. Some of the biggest advantages are:

Today, consumers are more connected than ever! For instance, 127 new devices connect to the internet every second. And as per “Statista,” around 75.44 billion IoT connected devices is predicted by the year 2025. For a more clear picture, refer to the below graph showing the possibility of IoT enabled devices by each year.

If this trend continues, then the biggest question is how we will possibly manage in the next 5 years?

IOT related skills are becoming one of the hottest in the market. To bridge the IoT skill gap, we have come up with this E-Degree for every IoT enthusiast irrespective of their current skill levels. It will help you to have complete knowledge and an understanding of the various essential aspects of IoT with a step-by-step learning approach. This E-Degree will include:

Stop wasting your time, and begin your journey to master IoT from scratch. Learn to build real-world solutions in no time!

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