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Tom Wiztek

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About Instructor

Hi I'm Tom

And I'm passionate about marketing and sales. I have studied many professionals about marketing products, driving traffic to offers, creating professional web sites that convert visitors into sales and more.

I wasn't always this way. I started my career in recruitment. I found the best candidates and connected them with their ideal jobs. After years in that industry it was time for a change.

I learn a lot. And now I enjoy creating content and helping others solve their marketing / recruitment problems.

Enjoy my courses and I hope I can help you in my courses.


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
The course touched all the critically important aspects of affiliate marketing and affiliate network or marketplace, and how to set up the account.
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
I learned more from this Eduonix tutorial than from ClickBank's advanced training. There are several great nuggets and insights in Tom's course that will truly help. This was well done, full of useful info and a tenth the length of CB's training. Thank you very much!
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Simple & Easy Explanation of Affiliate Marketing

CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course


CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course

nice course

CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course


How to Write a Professional CV
very useful, great tips
CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Thanks for the course
CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course
A lot of usefull information.
Web Design for Beginners: Create Websites without Coding
CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course
???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????
CPA Affiliate Marketing Crash Course
The information given is easy to understand

Skill Set

Affiliate Marketing
Digital Marketing
Web Design
Google PPC Ads

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