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Chester Sky

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About Instructor

After you've taken my course, if there are additional topics that you would like me to cover that I have not included, feel free to send me message and I will try to include a lecture on the topic in the future. If you would like to collaborate on a project, visit my website: chestersky.com


Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Music
This masterclass has taught me more than I ever knew as it relates to FL Studio. I had this app on my computer for years and had no interest in it. That has now changed. It is now My go to app.
Soundtrack Composer Masterclass: Score Films and Video Games

This course is very useful for those who want to make the way towards the music scoring for movies or games or adds. The lessons are taught in a very professional manner. One can learn a lot about music scoring with this course!.

Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Music

Very interesting one thanks for all the knowledge

Skill Set

Music Production

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