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Andrey Bzhitskikh

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About Instructor

Hey! My name is Andrew Bzhitskikh (I know it is too difficult to pronounce, so simple - Andrew :) ) and here's few facts about my life:
-I live in the cold and beautiful Siberia in Russia. The truth is not so cold but really beautiful!
-Sometimes I make a Native American Flutes for fun and ice figures.
- I'm participate in Aikido, love skiing, hiking and archery. 
- I love to sketch and draw all time of my life. So today I'm a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. And I want to tell you all that I know and of course to learn something new!


Adobe Illustrator: How to Draw Squared Animals Icons


Triangulated Bird: Origami Styled Bird in Adobe Illustrator
PRO - Simple, Easy, Fun, Useful CON - Short, Not so technical tip, Not enough examples, No good pronounce
Learn Adobe Illustrator: Semi-Automatic Mandalas Drawing
Triangulated Bird: Origami Styled Bird in Adobe Illustrator
yes very good

Skill Set

Adobe Illustrator

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