Fullstack JavaScript Developer - E-Degree

A complete JavaScript mastery program with more than 12 courses, 30 projects and 100's of source code snippets

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The Fullstack JavaScript Developer E-Degree (Regular Price $199), You can save over 65% with this Super Early Bird Offer.

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EBO-JavaScript E-Degree + 3 Courses

Early Bird Offer - JavaScript EDegree + 3 Courses Bundle

The JavaScript Developer E-Degree (Regular Price $199) and following 3 courses.

  1. NodeJs and Angular Course(Regular Price $99).
  2. Angular and NodeJS- The MEAN Stack Guide (Regular Price $99).
  3. The Complete JavaScript Course(Regular Price $99).

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JavaScript E-Degree + Master Bundle

The JavaScript Developer E-Degree (Regular Price $199) and following 5 courses.

  1. NodeJs and Angular Course(Regular Price $99).
  2. Angular and NodeJS- The MEAN Stack Guide (Regular Price $99).
  3. The Complete JavaScript Course(Regular Price $99).
  4. Nuxt.js - Vue.js on Steroids Course (Regular Price $99).
  5. The Complete Web Development Course Course(Regular Price $99).

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Fullstack JavaScript Developer - E-Degree

We are very excited to start work on our state of the art FullStack JavaScript Developer training program. A curriculum which will help anyone with a discipline and zeal to learn to make their career in the Web Development world! If you are just starting in web development or even have a few years of experience under your belt this unique E-Degree program will be perfect for you to master the entire JavaScript ecosystem . We have carefully selected JavaScript as the core technology for this program based on the factors a typical developer will look at. These are...

  1. High salary.
  2. Popularity — plenty of job openings, variety.
  3. Tendency to become more in-demand in the future .
  4. Preferably easy to learn and pleasant to work with.

What are we making?

We are reinventing the way Full Stack JavaScript development is taught online by bringing together a complete training program which will mould anyone into a professional Fullstack Web Developer. But you gotta have the immense zeal to learn! This E-Degree program is an immersive learning experience which involves a sequence of self driven courses, mentor driven projects, quizzes and exams to ensure concept assimilation, constant course updatation, expert webinars and much more. We have envisioned a program which is modern, engaging and will make our students market ready!

Why this Fullstack E-Degree?

1) Build real-world projects all on your own!

Undoubtedly, working in teams is great but when working on a personal project it is necessary to have the knowledge of the entire development stack to bring your idea to life. After this program you can do everything from UI development to Server side coding and Database designing! You will end up being a strong one-man army resulting in speeding up things dramatically without being dependent on anyone. You can manage the frontend, UI, and the back-end for all the projects by yourself.

2) Jobs are no longer in silos.

A frontend developer is no longer just a front-end developer, but he also needs to have an understanding about all the other aspects of development as well. Similarly, a backend developer needs to aware about the front-end technologies to create better products for companies. The lines between job descriptions are now blurred, and having the knowledge of a complete full stack developer gives you an edge over other developers – something a lot of companies are now looking for!

3) Full stack allows you to be more productive.

An in-depth knowledge about all the main pillars of development allows you to create better web solutions which scale and produce efficient code.

4) Better Salary.

Companies are no longer looking to hire different developers for one website or an app, they prefer if one person can do it all with a generous package! This is why the demand for full stack developers that can perform multiple tasks together is definitely something that translates into high-scale financial opportunities. Full stack developers are currently raking in over $125,000 annually!

5) Javascript is a fun language!

It is very expressive, you don't have to spend lot of time learning complex coding syntax. There are even additional languages that are built upon Javascript such as Typescript that offer more features. You just have to play around with it’s different aspects to create magic!

What this program contains?

We have carefully chosen the content of this program to ensure that the student gets all the essential conceptual knowledge followed by tons of practical examples. The first and the most important part of the training program is self driven courses.

Self Driven Courses-

These courses have been designed and taught by experts from all over the world. These sequential courses will cover one major aspect of Full Stack development. Additionally, each technology will be covered using practical projects, so you will also get a hands-on experience with the technology in addition to the theory behind it!

1. Web Development Fundamentals - HTML, CSS, JavaScript This course is designed for absolute beginners. It will dissect and build fundamental concepts required for any web developer. You will be learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript from ground up.

2. HTML5 with JavaScript – This will be your introduction to HTML5 and how JavaScript and HTML5 interact and complement each other to create rich web apps

3. App development with plain JavaScript – This course will ensure you get super comfortable with the plain old JavaScript. In this section, we will be creating a lot of cool applications with Vanilla Javascript.

4. Advance JavaScript for Professionals – Here, you will have to get your hands dirty as we will be diving deeper into the Javascript world. This course will take you from the intermediate level to an expert level. You will learn how JavaScript works under the hood.

5. Modern JavaScript covering ES6 and above programming – EcmaScript 6 can be called as just another level of Javascript. With ES6 coding in Javascript takes a whole another turn! We will be covering the in and outs of it. This will ensure you get comfortable with modern JS practices.

6. Test Driven development in JavaScript – Test driven development is now almost essential for creating quality software. Learn to use TDD concepts in JavaScript and learn popular testing tools.

7. Modern Front End frameworks in JavaScript – We will cover Angular, Vue and React the top three frameworks for JavaScript development. You can start building apps using these technologies after this course.

8. NodeJS Development for App development - Learn complete Node JS app development in this course. You will learn backend programming and will learn to use SQL and NoSQL databases for app development.

9. Database design and development - Learn to use both SQL and NOSQL databases and use them in your projects. This course will ensure you are comfortable building databases for your applications.

10. Backend frameworks in JS – Meteor and Express – This section of the program will cover couple of the most popular Node frameworks which are Meteor and Express JS.

11. Building Microservices in JavaScript - Learn to build Rest API and microservice driven JS apps in this one of its kind course. This course will lay foundation of building scalable JS apps.

12. Working on Open source JS projects - Become a more effective developer by contributing to open source. Learn the tips and tricks and build an awesome portfolio for yourself.

Exams and Quizzes

Exam and quizzes are meant to ensure assimilation of the concepts and to Grade the student. Each course will be followed by an exam. The questions of the exam will only be based on the syllabus of the respective course. The marks of all the twelve course-exams will later be combined and added to the final score of the student which will in turn affect their grade.

Expert Webinars

All students of this program will have the chance to attend our tailor-made webinars which will provide them with fresh information, tips, guidance, and more. These webinars are open to all the candidates that have enrolled in this program. Students can ask questions and suggest topics for the webinars.

Interview Preparation and Job Support

A part of this program also involves a special section dedicated to helping and training our students to crack interviews of the best companies out there! With tips, tricks and suggestions from experts who have already won those battles. There will also be a Job Support department which will help you find the best jobs around your area.

Open Source Contribution

Learn to contribute to Open source projects. Learn how to choose and study open source code and how to contribute features and build a portfolio around it.

Learning Outcomes

This dynamic program will take a holistic approach and ensure the student becomes a professional Fullstack developer at the end of this rigorous curriculum.

Risks and challenges

Risk and Challenges Building a training program of this size and reach is very challenging. Ensuring quality content across all the courses and building a wholesome and knowledgeable support team is the most risky part of this endeavour. We have however created a very large team of instructors and professionals from countries such as US, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and UK for this program. We will ensure that this course sets a global benchmark for quality and training pedagogies.

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