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Live Online Mean Stack E-degree

The complete live training E-Degree to become a full stack developer using MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.

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Key Highlights

  •    Global Instructors Led 15+ Live Sessions
  •    62+ Hrs Of Live Training
  •    Exclusive To 50 Seats
  •    Self Paced & Interactive Education
  •    Time-Bound Skill Development In Real-Time
  •    Live Q/A Sessions
  •    Mentorship & Career Guidance
  •    Mini Assignments & Portfolio-Oriented Projects
  •    Job Placement Support & Recommendations
  •    Real-Time Interaction With Global Instructors
  •    Interview Preparation
  •    Project Review From Experts
  •    24x7 Assistance
  •    Industry-Verified Certification

About The Program

Live + On demand learning

A complete hybrid learning pedagogy based on live training and on demand training

Practical learning

Practical and project oriented learning which helps you build a great project portfolio

Reference materials and code

Access to royalty free source code and reference materials

Outcome oriented program

Time bound result oriented program: Definite learning outcomes at the end of the program

Live + On demand learning

A complete hybrid learning pedagogy based on live training and on demand training

Practical learning

Practical and project oriented learning which helps you build a great project portfolio

Reference materials and code

Access to royalty free source code and reference materials

Outcome oriented program

Time bound result oriented program: Definite learning outcomes at the end of the program

What You Will Learn?

  • Fundamentals of Modern Web Development
  • Programming Languages For Web Development- Basic To Advanced
  • Working With Latest & Popular Tools
  • Utilizing Cloud Services
  • Important Databases
  • Advanced Web Development Concepts
  • Best Web Development Practices
  • Real-World Programming Paradigms
  • Single Page Applications
  • Web App Development, Testing & Deployments
  • Test-Driven Development & Unit Testing
Ready to become a Full Stack Developer?

Master Full Stack Development using our live and project oriented training session to earn real world skills.



Topics covered in this Full Stack web development live training

Start your full stack journey by mastering HTML 5 and CSS 3 and see how they both combine to create all the web pages you see on the internet
Often developers find asynchronous execution as one of the biggest cruxes of JavaScript. Get started with this session to solve all the complexities of Asynchronous execution with ES6.
Get trained for all the theories & concepts behind Object-Oriented JavaScript along with Babel, Webpack & NPM.
You will create a complete project using best development practices along with the instructor
Step-by-step master Node.JS, its installation, API, Async vs sync functions, HTTP response codes, MIME types, Ajax & much more.
Get trained to work with one of the most important frameworks for NodeJS. Explore all its robust features for developing websites, web apps & APIs without any hassle.
Learn the most popular database for modern applications. This session will prep you up with all the fundamentals, data model, importing data, important MongoDB tools, services useful command-line utilities & others.
Get trained to leverage the power of MongoDB for applications built using NodeJS & ExpressJS. You will learn how to work with these technologies for developing an application.
Learn the importance of GraphQL & REST for designing web APIs. Understand the differences, guiding principles, benefits & real-time implementation.
Build a complete app using all the technologies you have learned previous sessions. You will build this app along with the instructor and will get meaningful insight into MEAN app development process
Get insights into TypeScript & Angular fundamentals for developing single-page applications from the ground-up.
Learn all the advanced concepts of Angular & its real-time implementation. Get trained for directives, routing, services & much more.
Start working on a large scale project where the instructor will guide you all the way to put together an app which uses all the MEAN technologies
You will continue to develop the app started in the previous session and will add layers of security and will deploy it one of the free available hosting AWS or heroku.
Get trained for following best practices & unit testing in a test-driven development. Know the importance of writing simple code, minimizing assertions, fast testing, test mocks, refactoring & other crucial things.
In the end, there will be a dedicated Q/A session wherein you can ask all your doubts & queries regarding any technologies, tools, concepts, principles, or anything else included in this live training.

Tools Covered

Some of the tools you will learn during this program:

A complete portfolio website

Learn to build an awesome potfolio with Angular

Pormodoro CLock

Track your time with an application made by yourself from scratch.

A blogging system

Blogging website with a real backend, API's and Database storage, all using Javascript and the MEAN stack.

CMS for a company

Immediate level CMS system with lots of subsections and modules which gives you a small challenge with increased complexity.

Ecommerce website

An Ecommerce website built from scratch with the whole buying and selling of services, multipage routing and much more

JavaScript games

Cool little games that can be enjoyed in the browser. Games also tend to be a good starting point for learning.

Social media website

Build a complex social media experience with a lot of interdependent systems with increased complexity. All in the MEAN way.

Photo Album

Create a photo album which consists of 3 rows and 3 columns of images

Library Management System

Create a project on Library Management System

Checkered Board Game

Building a Checker Board with JavaScript

Get Eduonix certificate on successful completion of this Program.

Instructors Panel

Our Panel of Instructors include

Aditya Dua

Aditya Dua is a Professional Application Developer, with extensive experience in building Workflow based applications which derive results based on data. In his Professional Role, he has worked in varied capacities in various Fortune 500 companies. He is working as a Big Data Workflow developer in a Leading Bank in India working on Spark with Python.

Gray Lewis

Gray Lewis is a lifelong programmer and is coding since his 10th grade. Over the years Gray has worked on multiple technologies and libraries and at his current Job role as Software Architect, he helps clients create software solutions for challenging business problems. He loves sharing his experience with Eduonix.

Aarthi Elumalai

Aarthi Elumalai is a programmer, educator, entrepreneur, and innovator. She has over 10 years of experience in programming. She started coding back in 7th grade when she was introduced to basics, and since then, she's made it a point to learn every programming language she finds interesting.She's launched close to 7 web apps that have had over 1000s of users over the past few years.She has a student base of more than 70k students from all over the world. She teaches the complex world of programming by solving a ton of practical exercises and puzzles along the way.


This program will be taught by live instructors at a fixed time slot allocated to you. You will be able to interact with the instructor and ask them questions and clear your doubts. The instructor will also ask questions and provide live feedback on the work and assignments given to you. The online session will be conducted on zoom or on a similar service.

All recordings will be available in your Eduonix dashboards for life. You can refer to them in the future whenever you want.

All certificates will be available after two weeks of the session completion. There will be multiple projects and exams which will be graded for the final certification.

You can cancel your slot within 24 hours of your payment. You will not be able to cancel your seat after that.

You can interact with the instructor during the session. We will also conduct project support and Q/A session during the week for proper assimilation.

You can contact our support team at support@eduonix.com

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