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FREE Live Online Training - Note Taking App using React.js and Json Server

The Mobile App Market of today is ever-dynamic and hugely competitive. Almost any activity that comes to your mind has an app dedicated towards it. It is estimated that the mobile app download numbers will reach an astounding 258.2 billion by the year 2022! That’s mind boggling isn’t it? However it’s not just the Apps or the number of downloads that matter. It’s interesting to notice how apps have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Research has shown that almost 51% of Mobile users open their apps between 10-15 times on a daily basis. Besides the huge sums of money involved, innovating this Mobile App Industry is what is required to improve the quality of people’s lives today.

Same as the Mobile App Industry, the demand for Note Taking Apps is also growing rapidly and fiercely. It is important that the note taking app you own has some key-features. First and foremost, the App must be able to create notes, “to-do” lists and Wikis. Secondly the note taking App must support all popular platforms like Android and iOS. Thirdly, users must be able to use it offline and the synchronization feature must work when internet connection is back. Fourth Point is, the App must allow seamless folder structures in project management by being able to create nested pages. The fifth and the last feature of a good note taking app is having a distraction-free User Interface.

Considering this importance of Mobile Apps and of a Note Taking App, we have arranged for a FREE Live Online Training on “Note Taking App using React.JS & Json Server” by the experienced software professional Mr. Vasudev Paloju.

Book your FREE seats for this interactive LIVE Session that will cover topics like:

  • Installing React and Material UI
  • Project Folder Details
  • Building the UI with List and Input Field
  • State Management
  • Create and Delete Notes


Material UI is one of the most popular React UI libraries of today. It has several trending components, styles, themes, icons that can be used as a single means for all your interface styling needs. In this section, you shall learn in detail about all the processes and steps involved in installing React and Material UI and also how to add basic icons and style components.

The usefulness and functionality of a note-taking app depends on its ability to seamlessly organize notes into various folders and sub folders. The folders help the notes to be kept private, to be attached in mails or otherwise, collaborate on them for other purposes and storing them in one place in an organized manner. In this section, you shall learn all about project folder details in the note taking app.

In this section, get expert insights on how to build the User Interface with List and Input Field. Get guided by the professional Vasudev Paloju on the best and optimum way of creating the UI by adding Lists that help the user in taking and storing notes in a resourceful manner.

State is just a refined name for a Javascript data structure. React applications are usually built using components and they manage their state internally and often works well for apps with few components but if developers do not have scalability in mind, then it becomes difficult to handle. This is where state management comes into the picture. In this section, understand why and how state management can be incorporated in a note taking app.

View, Add, Edit, Delete, all these are crucial features of a Note taking App. They make the application user friendly and easy to use. In this section, you shall learn all about the Creating and Deleting of notes features in the note taking app.

The final but the most interesting part of all. In this section, Mr. Vasudev Paloju shall be interacting and taking questions from everyone. Feel free to discuss all your concerns, doubts, do’s, don’ts and almost anything that comes to your mind regarding the concepts of Note Taking App.


  • Free Live Training- Note Taking App Using React JS & JSON

    In-Depth Session on Note Taking App
    Using React.JS and Json Server

  • Free Live Training- Note Taking App Using React JS & JSON

    Live Q&A

  • Free Live Training- Note Taking App Using React JS & JSON

    Live Session Recording

  • Free Live Training- Note Taking App Using React JS & JSON

    Workshop PPT


Q. How can I access the webinar?

Once you have reserved your seat, we will send you 3 emails. You will receive the 1st email 48 hours before the webinar starts; the 2nd email will be sent 24 hours; & the 3rd email will be sent 2 hours before the webinar starts. Each of these emails will include a link that you can use to access the webinar.

Q. How does Q&A work?

Q&A session will begin at the end of the live training. During this session, all users are free to ask their questions, however, it is upon the instructor to reply to any of the given questions.

Q. Are there multiple slots for this webinar?

No. There will be just 1 slot available with limited seats for this webinar. Once you have reserved your seat, you won’t get an option to change it further.

Q. Will the webinar be available afterward?

Once the webinar is over, we will provide you the link that will help you to download all the resources and webinar recordings.

Q. Can I cancel my webinar after the registration?

It will be a Free webinar on “Note Taking App Using React.js and Json Server”, so a cancellation will not work.

Q. I still have some queries, what should I do?

You can contact our support team at

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