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ELM programming for Beginners

Master the essentials of ELM Programming from scratch in no time!
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Elm is a popular functional language that competes with projects like React as a tool for creating amazing web applications and websites. Being a functional language, it compiles to JavaScript. The primary points of Elm are its simplicity, robustness, and usability.

Designed by Evan Czaplicki in 2012, it gained mass-popularity fairly quickly. Evan Czaplicki joined Prezi in 2013 and began his work on Elm. In 2016, Evan shifted to NoRedInk as an Open Source Engineer and initiated his Elm Software Foundation.

The functional language has a tiny but an expressive set of language constructs, such as let-expressions for local state, traditional if-expressions, and case-expressions for pattern matching. Its semantics are comprised of stateless functions, static typing with type inference and immutable values.

Why you should learn Elm programming?

  • No runtime errors or null values
  • Uncluttered syntax
  • Well-architected code that stays the same as your app progresses
  • Automatically enforced semantic versioning
  • Short feedback loop
  • Excellent tools and code stays clean

Why you should pre-order this course?

Elm has already grown in popularity. Already there are companies such as Brilliant, NoRedInk, Thread, Mimo, EXR, Stack and many others who are already using it. Furthermore, over 26 companies are devout users of Elm programming. The best part about this course is that you do not need prior experience in Elm and anyone can master the basics of the course in a short period of time with proficiency.

Join this campaign to learn all the concepts required for learning Elm programming. With this online tutorial, you will master all the essential skills thoroughly such as installing Elm, If expressions, Hello world, and much more!

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