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Site-wide Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer. Buy Super 100 Software & Web Bundles.
Save Extra 10% - Lifetime Membership Now At $899 $999 (Only 3 Passes Left). Offer Valid Till
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Cloud Computing E-Degree

Become a Cloud Computing Professional and master the concepts of Computation, Container, Storage and Database services and more.
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Traditionally, computing was all about clunky boxes having metal and silicon. Usually, large companies used to have large rooms that were full of expensive boxes of metal and silicon. They call it data centres! These boxes may look dope to many, but they needed a lot of love and care. They need regular software updates and electricity. Despite this, they used to crash frequently!!

This has led us to move towards a new concept of cloud computing… It allows you to rent out similar clunky boxes of metal and silicon. All these services provide limitless resources without worrying about an electric bill, hiring an IT staff to babysit the machines, security or all the crashing. With cloud technology, all you have to do is log-in and start working.

Today, cloud computing can provide huge advantages like security, reliability, cost-efficiency, automation, increased storage capacity, scalability, quick deployment and so much more.

All these benefits have made companies rapidly shift to the clouds leading to an immense surge in the demands of cloud computing experts.

On the other hand, a rapid progression and all the recent advancements in cloud technology has led to huge skill gaps among cloud enthusiasts. With an initiative to bridge this gap effectively and efficiently, we are here with an exclusive E-Degree program on Cloud Computing.


What is this E-Degree for? How can it help learners?

This program is aimed at a wide variety of audience. It is great for beginners and intermediate learners who want to understand and want to develop and create software on the cloud. It will not only provide a conceptual understanding of the cloud environment but will give practical skills which can be used in your daily job and projects. It will also be a great course for IT managers who want to explore cloud services for infrastructure management.

This is one of our biggest and most comprehensive program till date covering over 10 modules and over two dozen services. If you want to be ‘Cloud Aware’ there is no training program like the one we are creating.

Across AWS, Azure and Google cloud. You can also appear for vendor-specific certificate exams after completion of this program as you will be able to get real-world knowledge on multiple cloud services.


This E-Degree will include:

  • Modular approach
  • Well-defined content structure
  • Innovative pedagogy for maximum assimilation
  • Practical projects
  • Cover real-world problems
  • Show the best practices
  • Hands-on training
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Practical and task-driven curriculum
  • Exams and Quizzes
  • Reference docs and Ebooks
  • Interview prep Guide
  • Support and Certification


What Will Be Covered in the E-Degree?

Module 1: Foundational Linux and Scripting - Discover the Power of Linux With Shell Scripting

  • Linux Basics
  • Shell Scripts
  • Python Scripting for Administrators

Module 2: Introduction to Cloud Technologies - Explore the World of Cloud Technologies!

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Public and Private clouds
  • Practical Project on Setting-up Cloud Infrastructure

Module 3: Computation service on Cloud - Understand the Working of Computational Services

  • EC2
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Google Cloud GPUs

Module 4: Container Services in Cloud - Learn to Effectively Use Container Services in Cloud

  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • ECS
  • EKS

Module 5: Storage and Databases on Cloud - Start off With Various Databases & Storage Services

  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Firestore/Firebase
  • Azure SQL/MySQL
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Storage Accounts

Module 6: Big Data and Analytics on Cloud - Using Data for Analytics Made Simple

  • Amazon Elastic Search
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Google Big Query

Module 7: Application Development and DevOps on Cloud - Learn the Right Way to Develop an Application on Cloud

  • AWS Codebuild
  • Azure Pipeline/Azure DevOps
  • Google Cloud Build

Module 8: Cloud Services for Enterprise - Various Cloud Services for Enterprises Packed Together for a Complete Learning

  • AWS Cloudfront
  • AWS Cloudwatch
  • AWS API Gateway

Module 9: Migration and Cloud Security - Master the Most Crucial Aspects of Cloud Technology

  • AWS Data Sync
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • AWS Database migration
  • Amazon Guard duty
  • Azure DDOS protection
  • Amazon Detective

Module 10: OpenStack Basics - Become an Expert of One of the Most Essential Parts of Cloud Landscape

  • Introduction to Openstack
  • Foundational Openstack
  • Building Application on Openstack


Why Now Is the Right Time to Learn Cloud Computing?

In order to understand the importance and power of cloud technologies in the current generation, you may find some of the below facts incredibly helpful!


#1. The need for accessing data

  • Providing data access from anywhere in the world is the top reason for cloud adoption.

#2. Security

  • 66% of IT professionals say security is their most significant concern in adopting an enterprise cloud computing strategy.

#3. The arrival of AI & ML

  • 50% of IT professionals believe artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a role in cloud computing adoption today, growing to 67% by 2020.


Cloud Computing Is the Past, Present & the Future!

Thanks to several technological breakthroughs, cloud technology has become an important role in transforming various businesses. In the last few years, it has completely changed the way businesses use to operate. This is why, every company or organizations, be it big or small are now using cloud platforms for hosting and implementing critical applications.

Below are the few mesmerizing figures that truly define the importance of cloud computing in today’s world.


Cloud Computing Infographic

Source - Research Market Monitor

Source - Forbes

Source - RightScale 2019 State of Cloud Report


Some More Cloud Computing Facts That You Can’t Ignore!


Facts Source - Leftronic


Importance of Cloud Computing Professionals

Cloud computing has become one of the key areas of job growth in the last few years. This has resulted in the continuous influx of people opting for a Cloud computing career. Not only this but you can also find thousands of people in every geographical region across the globe who are giving second thoughts as to whether they should explore the unknown waters of cloud computing or not?

This is mainly because of a few things like:


Source - Tech Target


#1. Increased earning

  • The median salary for cloud computing professionals is around $146,350 annually & has increased by $22K since 2016.

#2. Hiring the right talent is getting difficult

  • The Hiring Scale is 78 for jobs that require cloud computing skill sets, with the average job post staying open 46 days. The higher the Hiring Scale score, the more difficult it is for employers to find the right applicants for open positions.

#3. Lack of skilled professionals

  • In the US & UK, around 42% of companies are searching professionals having cloud computing skills, and 43% of these companies agreed that they have faced difficulties finding people with the required skill set.


Interested in entering this field? Then, this is the perfect time to become a cloud computing expert as both, the total number of jobs and the average salary of a cloud computing expert are predicted to grow significantly in the forthcoming years.

Cloud Computing Professional E-Degree to Rescue!

Confused about reliable resources? Worried about where to begin?

Well, we have proposed this extensive E-Degree program that will be a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing problems. It will include various structured modules having well-defined interactive content from world-class industry experts for effectively bridging the skill gap. It will help you understand and master all the aspects of Cloud Computing in a step-by-step manner.


Cloud computing has become one the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry and many companies are on the lookout for professionals with the right skills. Master the key concepts of Cloud Computing in a step-by-step manner with this comprehensive E-Degree.


Choose from below Bundles

(All the bundles include Cloud Computing E-Degree)

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