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Mobile Programming

Learn Mobile App Development with NodeJS and JSON

Good better best. Never let it rest. Until good becomes better and better becomes best. I think BRENDAN EICH understood this instance wondrously. He created JavaScript in 10 days in May 1995. 12 million mobile app developers worldwide are developing apps mainly for Android, IOS, and Windows. Almost half focus their attention on Google’s Android

Java Programming

Learn How Can Spring Work With Testing Frameworks

Unit testing and integration testing are critical phases in a software development lifecycle. However, certain limitations can prevent achieving the full potential of these two testing approaches. The Spring Framework can help enterprises overcome the limitations by providing a ready-made framework for automation testing. Both unit and integration testing have certain dependencies which may not

Internet of Things

Awesome Internet of Things (IoT) Products in 2017 – Part 1

Since the beginning of time, we have always been on the quest for items that can help us make our lives easier and simpler. This quest has been slowly and steadily fueling the development of the many different products we use today. More smarter and better IoT products are now taking over homes and our

Web Programming Tutorials

Learn What is JSON And Why Should You Use JSON

In this chapter, we are going to assist novices in understanding the basic functionality of the JSON data format. JSON is the abbreviation for ‘JavaScript Object Notation’ which is designed to exchange data as a standard format. It is a simple text-based and lightweight data standard, which is intended for the human readable data exchange.

Networking and Security

List of Tools to Detect Network Vulnerabilities

Companies set high budgets to protect their IT assets from cyberattacks and Detect Network Vulnerabilities. However, managers have realized that it is very difficult to foolproof the network completely as new vulnerabilities evolve with time. Realizing that IT security will always remain a top priority, organizations have begun to invest in the latest tools and

Software Development

11 Best Software Development Tools Every Developer Should Use

Along with the knowledge of programming language, every developer should have a sound knowledge of developer tools which is necessary for a more productive outcome. Thousands of developer tools are now currently available across the internet. These tools are quite helpful for developers providing software development services to keep up to date with the current

System Programming

Learn How To Implement A Custom Provisioner

Vagrant has support for a wide range of provisioning solutions. However, there are a large number of provisioners used privately or publicly that need to be supported. This gap is bridged by plugins which provide a mechanism for supporting new provisioners. The guest machine is configured after booting is done by the provisioner. By using


Learn The Role of Content Management in Digital Marketing

Content is considered as King in the digital marketing sphere. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Basically, content marketing is an approach, which is aimed at developing and disseminating valuable content to the target customers. And it is a continuous process of enticing consumer action. Consequently, content marketing is the art of communicating