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Home >> Edegree >> Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning E-Degree

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning E-Degree

A set of hand-picked courses put together with the sole aim of making learning AI & Machine Learning easy. This comprehensive E-Degree program includes 6 courses, myriad of projects, numerous source code snippets and much more!

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Why This E-Degree

Welcome to the complete E-Degree program which will redefine the way of teaching AI & Machine Learning online. It is a master program which comprises some of the best hand-picked courses related to AI and Machine Learning. This E-Degree is a one-stop solution for giving you in-depth insights into the concepts for the same. Moreover, unlike other online tutorials, this program will be more of a practical in nature which will significantly simplify the learning for any student.

This E-Degree includes 6 major courses which mainly focuses on Python, R, various tools for AI & Machine Learning, Algorithms, and much more. Going beyond the online tutorials, it also includes numerous projects, case studies, quizzes, tips & trick and many other exciting stuffs. All of these resources are sufficient enough to build your conceptual understanding and sharpen your practical skills.


A set of hand-picked courses put together with the sole aim of making learning AI & Machine Learning easy. This comprehensive E-Degree program includes 6 courses, myriad of projects, numerous source code snippets and much more!

Introduction to Python for AI and Machine Learning

Introduction to Python programming language

  • Learn Python Fundamentals
  • Learn Python Syntax
  • Learn about Python Data Structures
  • Learn to use Meta Classes and Concurrency
  • Learn Modules and Libraries for AI and ML

Software Tools for AI and Machine Learning

Understand the various tools for AI & ML

  • Basic Introduction
  • Pandas
  • Scipy
  • Data Visualization using Matplotlib/Seaborn
  • SKlearn for implementing ML algorithms
  • Tensorflow/Keras

Mathematics for Data Science and AI using R

Learn to implement mathematical equations using R

  • Introduction of R
  • Linear Algebra and its implementation
  • Calculus and its implementation
  • Vector calculus and its implementation

Complete Guide to Machine Learning using Python

Master different algorithms of Machine Learning

  • Introduction of ML
  • Linear regression
  • Random Forest
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Naive Bayes Classifier with Text
  • Validation Techniques
  • K-nearest Neighbours
  • K-means Clustering
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Gaussian Mixture Models
  • Collaborative Filtering

Deep Learning for Beginners

This course will cover Deep Learning from the beginning

  • History of AI and the Deep learning Evolution
  • Tabular Classification and Regression
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Beyond Deep learning

Applied Machine Learning for Professionals

This course will teach you about all the concepts of Applied Machine Learning

  • Anomaly Detection Using Deep learning and Autoencoders
  • Production Line Performance Data Science Project
  • Credit card Fraud Detection
  • Deep Learning with Keras in R
  • ML or Predictive Models in IoT
  • Music Recommendation System project using Python and R
  • ML for Cancer Treatment
  • Predicting Census Income using Deep Learning Models

Benefits of taking this program

It is a structured program designed and created by some of the best instructors who have worked in the industry and have created real-world ML solutions. They will prepare you for all the challenges of AI & ML technology. Initially, the program starts with Introduction to Python programming language and then explains all the concepts in a step-by-step manner. Data Analysis, Regression Analysis, AI Research, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Neural Networks are some of the most important aspects of AI & Machine Learning which are explained from the very beginning to the expert level. In this E-Degree, you’ll learn:

  • Foundational programming knowledge required for AI & ML
  • All the mathematical and foundational concepts of AI & ML
  • Important tools for creating AI & ML solutions
  • Different AI & ML related algorithms
  • Practical Solution for real-world problems
  • And much more!

Lastly, several quizzes, real-life test cases, exams, certification and many other essential things complete this E-Degree. After completion, this program will make you confident enough to take or work on any real-world projects.


Labs & Projects

No more boring theory, let's get our hands dirty!

Exam & Quizzes

Time to test and apply all the knowledge you grasped!

Interview Preparation

Just knowledge isn't enough. Time to groom you for your dream job interview!

Software Support

Unable to get through something? Our support team is on their toes!


An E-Degree is a collection of multiple courses all at one place teaching you all the essential concepts of any technology. They provide a complete understanding of the topic and usually involve quizzes and labs so that the student is able to be proficient in the subject.
Individual courses deal with parts of an entire topic, while an E-Degree has all the important aspects of the topic which can help a beginner master the topic with a single tutorial. For example, a course for Machine Learning suited for beginners will not be sufficient for an advanced learner. However, an E-Degree on Machine learning will be helpful for both a beginner and an advanced learner. A path will involve fewer courses compared to an E-Degree.
An E-Degree comes with many benefits such as
  • Getting certified without spending a single dime for college.
  • Developing a complete understanding of the concept you wish to learn about.
  • Getting a certificate of completion.
  • Access the course at any time and from whichever location you are from.
  • Developing fluency in the subject with the help of numerous projects, labs, and quizzes.
  • Being progressive, you will have to complete the first section to move to the next one.
  • Increasing your chances of being selected in an excellent firm by investing low costs.
  • Get Lifetime access to the E-Degree.
At the end of each section of any course, the user can submit their project URL by using CodePen, Github, Google Drive, etc.

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