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2D animation Bundle

Learn 2D Animation

English (US)

Instructors: Sajeev G Nair

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Why This Deal


In this class, we will learn an introduction to the toon boom harmony premium. by the end of this class, you will be able to create a new scene, learn to use drawing tools, create and organize color pallets and create your own character which is ready for rigging and animation. This class is created for a complete beginner, but still, anyone who is interested to learn the industry standard 2D animation software can enroll and learn to create amazing animations for youtube, professional works, and other visual media.

This class walks you through the advanced process of creating character rigs and animation in harmony premium. This is part 2 of the rigging lesson. If you are new to this class I suggest you watch my previous classes on character design and basic character rigging. I will be walking you through the process of creating deformations and various methods to rig characters and will be animating the final character.

Animate CC

1. About this course

Adobe Animate is one of the widely used software for creating 2d animations, flash games, and social media animations. With this course, you will be able to create your own animations for youtube, social media, and even full length animated shorts. animate has a very simple user interface and very easy to use and learn tools. We will start from the basics and gradually create a character and a character front walk cycle animation. In the class, I will be using Adobe animate 2020, but you can use an older version to create the same animations and get the same results.

3. Who should take this course?

This class is aimed towards complete beginners who want to learn 2D animation in adobe animate or designers who want to expand their career into animation. Still, any intermediate or advanced users will be able to learn something new from the class, there are no requirements to the class anyone with an open mind and ready to learn can join the class.

I created this course to teach everything there is to know about 2D animation in Animate, but you guys need to constantly practice to become an expert in animating with adobe animate. do not hesitate to reach out with any doubts or questions, I will clarify all your doubts as soon as possible. So a warm welcome to the class and happy animating.

I cannot wait to get started!, and I will see you in class.


Course 1: 2D Animation: Ultimate guide to adobe animate 2020
Course 2: Advanced rigging and Animation In Toon Boom Harmony Premium
Course 3: Basic Character Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony Premium
Course 4: Introduction to Toon Boom - Let\'s create your first character


Sajeev G Nair

India |Bsc Multimedia

Hi, I am Sajeev G Nair, I am a 2D and 3D animator and creator with years of experience in teaching and working in the 3D animation industry located in India I will be teaching everything from graphics design to 3D and 2D animation in my courses. You are always welcome to ask doubts and questions related to the course you are following. I wish all of you a good luck and hope you will learn something new from all of the courses i am teaching. I wish you all good luck and happy Learning

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